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Where to buy Fridge It Odor Absorber.

Fridge It
Fridge It

I have had readers of my blog ask where to buy Fridge It on line or how to find it at retailer. They ask abount Fridge It Activated Odor Absorber cube or flat wafer  www.fridgeit com and what does it look like.  It is a purple colored cube that removes the odors from RV’s refrigerators, freezers, diaper pails.  So it is not hard to miss on the shelf, about  2 inches by 2 inches.  Some just ask for the purple cube named Fridge It  odor absorber. There is also now a flat wafer version.

 I checked with the manufacturer and you can get it at retailers like Camping World, Sur La Table and US Military Commissaries or you can easily order on line at Fridgeit.com

They said if you cannot find it at retail, give the clerk the following UPC code to find it in their systems, Fridge It #  0 97359 01994 4, you can also call 602-866-0411 to customer service who can tell you where the closest store to you is, or if you will have to order by email at  fridgeitorders@innofresh.com or visit the web site www.fridgeit.com  

PS: Also they said the Innofresh auto odor eliminator is a flat wafer product sold under the Innofresh auto odor eliminator brand  www.innofresh.com   and is available at auto supply stores, such as  Checker auto, Schucks auto, Kragen auto and Murrys auto which can also be used for more than cars and auto odor.

Getting smells out of an offensive purse. Best way of getting rid of a foul odor in purse.

A reader of my blog turned me on to a new one smell  problem and odor solution, that I had never thought of….purse odor and bad purse and  foul bag and luggage smells. She said, ” I  have one very offensive-smelly “knock off” purse that I bought in NYC and had heard this product works well.”  So she got her Fridge it at  www.fridgeit.com  and reported it cleared up the odor problem. 

But actually she is right.  I bought one of those pashmina type knock off scarfs and when I brought it home and opened the bag, it smelled like old goat.  I had to air it out for a year, so now it is OK, but if it gets wet in the winter, I am back to old goat smell. I keep in in a plastic bag with a Fridge it odor absorber and it always smells fresh when I take it out.

So I now know that Fridge It naturally activated odor absorber works inside smelly  knock off purses and for “old goat” scarfs.  Who would of thought of purses being smelly….  But I sure know my scarf was really smelly.

Added note:  I have also gotten feedback it works for removing the odor from the plastic in purses, as well as great reports that is really works in smelly musical instrument cases.

Why activated carbon works well as an odor aborber.

  What is activated carbon and why does it work so well?
 I asked why the Activated Carbon works so well and was told it is a natural, environmentally safe, charcoal that is treated with steam at an extremely high temperature that results in a material that is filled with millions of microscopic holes and pores inside and on the surface that make activated carbon one of the most porous materials known. 


I learned that just one gram of activated carbon has the surface area of the the size of two tennis courts.  This gives it the ability to absorb enormous amounts of odors out of the air resulting in clean fresh air for such a small product in size.   



I really like the product and the activated carbon in Innofresh  www.innofresh.com and Fridge It odor absorber www.fridgeit.com products have these microscopic pores that really eliminate odors . The surface area is important since it is the best way to capture odors.   As odors pass through our ventilated activated carbon filters it also “pulls” odors from the air holding them secure in its micro pockets.   When odors pass through our filter, they are attached to the carbon pores and are trapped.  They have a  patented design and innovative ventilated air flow that allows for the optimal passage of air through the maximum surface area.  The result is a highly effective odor absorber without small granules, powders and carbon dust usually found with other carbon products.   So that is why it works so well. Amazing!  For more information contact customerservice@innofresh.com or www.innofresh.com  or call 602-866-0411


Top ways to get rid of baby diaper pail odor

You give birth to a really sweet baby, so cute, smells so good after a bath and then…. they poop. Now it is bad enough cleaning up the poop, wiping and turning that diaper into a folded up stink stick.  You then take it and throw it in the diaper pail and gag.  I mean I gagged more with diaper smells than I ever did with morning sickness.

Now add pee to the mix and the pungant smell spreads each time you open up the lid.  P.U. So I added this to my odor absorber test.  Could Fridge-It  www.fridgeit.com get rid of that odor?


I asked a friend of mine with a new baby to give it the 5 day sniff test.  She left the diapers in the pail for 5 days. Oh my gosh.  It stunk to high heaven. Then we places a Fridge It into the pail and came back in 4 hours.  It was so much better.  The stink was lessened.  By the morning it was almost gone.  Added a second one to the pail and that took care of the smell of diapers.  I was thrilled  and more important, she was thrilled.


So yes it works wonders to get rid of diaper pail odor. If you cannot find it email info@fridgeit.com

Questions about odor absorbers and charcoal odor absorber filters.
July 22, 2008, 12:03 am
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Some of the readers of the blog have asked questions about air fresheners and odor absorbers and here is what I have found out from the companies web sites.

How long does a charcoal odor absorbers last?
Depending on how tough the odor problems are, Fridge-It Charcoal Odor Absorbers can last up to 6 months in your refrigerator. Innofresh is a wafer “flat” filters will last up to 4 months controlling odors.

Can I use Fridge-It in other areas around the house?
Yes, Fridge-It Activated Charcoal Odor Absorbers is designed to trap and neutralize all odors, it is made for under sinks, near trash, diaper pails and anywhere else bad or musty odors exist.

Can I use Fridge It in the Freezer?
Yes, Fridge-It will work  in a freezer to keep your ice tasting and smelling fresh. For best odor control,  they recommend you should place Fridge-It in both your refrigerator and freezer.

Are the Charcoal Odor Absorbers safe?
Yes, the filters are non-toxic and completely safe when used as directed.

Will Innofresh Charcoal Filters work on pet odors?
Yes, use our Pet charcoal odor absorber and place it near by your pet areas including near litter box, cage or aquarium.

Will Innofresh Charcoal Filters work in Footwear?
Yes, place Footwear charcoal odor absorbers in  each sneakers, shoes, gym bags and foot lockers. Place 1 unit in each shoe overnight.

How does the Visor Fresh scented air fresheners fragrance work?
The fragrance is actually encapsulated into the plastic providing long-lasting fragrance delivery without mess of gels or fragrance oils rubbing off on your hands and surfaces.

Can I use Visor Fresh scented air freshners in other areas around the house?
Yes, Visor Fresh works great everywhere. Works great in bathrooms, closets and even by silk plants.


I will add more as I get questions and find answers. You can look yourself at www.Innofresh.com or www.fridgeit.com  or ask yourself by email at customerservice@innofresh.com or phone 602-866-0411

Five top ways to eliminate and remove odors.
July 21, 2008, 1:50 am
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Five top ways to  eliminate and remove odors.

Odors can come in all types and levels.  The best way is to understand the underlying odor what is to find out what is causing  the odor . This identification of the smell will then lead to planning a strategy to remove the offending odor, either through odor removal  with odor absorbers or to overlay a smell to mask the odor with a scented air freshener, so the odor is masked.

There are five top ways to eliminate odor and there are different types of odors and solutions. The best solution will depend on the smell or odor and what is causing or had caused the odor.

Some odor removing products actually pull the odors or smells out of air.  Some products replace the smell with another smell on going. Some products are in spray form for masking temporary smells. Some products pull moisture out of the air to reduce a dampness and that will lessen the smell.  Some others are sprays that masks the smell and works with the fabric or carpet to freshen the fiber.

Innofresh Odor Absorbers

Innofresh Odor AbsorbersFridge It used to absorb odors in refrigerators

1: Activated Charcoal Odor Absorbers: Are a natural and fragrance free  odor absorber solution : Using Activated Charcoal filters.  Such as Fridge It  www.fridgeit.com or Innofresh odor eliminators www.innofresh.com .

The odor absorption  is in the filter and thus traps the smell out of the air into the filter, so the odor or smell is gone.  This would be used in odor in refrigerators, freezers, sneakers, autos, RV’s , closets, basements, laundry rooms and trash, foot odor, pet odor and litter box odor.

 2: Air fresheners: Such as Visor Fresh or other scented air fresheners for infusing a smell into cars, boats, bathrooms ect.

3: Air freshening sprays: such as  Glade or Ecco Mist Air Fresheners which is a spray to mask the odors, in bathrooms is a natural way.

4: Moisture absorbers: Such as Damp Rid which pull moisture out of the air, which reduces the musty smell factor in a room or basement.

5:  Spray on  fresheners:  Such as Febreze which is a fabric freshener that attaches to the fabric which chanages  the smell on fabric, cloths and carpet.

The best options is when you totally remove the odor  and  it is even better if you eliminate odors instead of masking them.  Also check out if it is non toxic and what is the mess factor of each product. Using a product that traps and eliminates lingering odors like food spill, pets and other musty odors needs to be done without overpowering fragrances, especially important if you have allergies.

The length of time the odor remover or odor eliminator works is a key consideration when you want to remove odor ongoing. These are the top five ways to eliminate and remove odors.

 The odor absorbers, Fridge It , Innofresh or Visor Fresh in photo can be ordered  from www.innofresh.com , email at info@innofresh.com or call customer service at: 602-866-0411.

Boys have the smelliest sneaker odor

Sneaker odor is a big thing around the house.  Two teens and their 8 pair of sneakers, equal very bad foot odor. They have their regular sneakers, the skater shoes, the basketball sneakers, and track shoes all add up to a smellapaluzza.

 I tried to hose them in the yard, but they really do not recover as a shoe when you do that.  I tried foot powders.  No luck, spraying bathroom air fresheners.  Please don’t try it, I learned that the smell to cover up a bathroom, does not mix with foot odor.

I then tried the foot odor eliminator for the inside of the shoes called Innofresh foot odor eliminator from www.innofresh.com and put one in each sneaker  and it does the deal.  It is a activated charcoal filter that takes the odors out of the sneakers and is fragrance free. It works and I am very happy to report that it also works in their smelly gym bags.  Yes!!!

Air fresheners vs. odor absorbers in a smelly work refrigerator

I am on the search to find out the difference between air fresheners and odor absorbers and what really works in a refrigerator.  I have a refrigerator at work that stinks to high heaven.

The electric went out in the office and the refrigerator was left all weekend with no electric, so everything spoiled.  Even though we threw everything out, it still stunk.

Our office manager bought an air freshener and placed it in the refrigerator. The darn thing smelled like pine. Fake pine at that.  Nice in the woods, not nice when looking to get your lunch to eat.  By the way, the food had the smell in it.  Yuck.


Since I had had such success with Fridge It at home, I stopped by the local store and picked a few up for the refrigerator and freezer.  No kidding within a few hours, the weird fake pine smell was gone and so was the odors.  So the winner is Fridge it odor absorber!

www.innofresh.com or www.fridgeit.com to locate where to buy.

My car stinks, the smells need to go.

Fast food smells hangs on in my car.  I tried the scented  auto air fresheners and I don’t want a scent I want the odors eliminated.  My sons friend left his back back with his dirty gym clothes in my car over a weekend.  OH my gosh.  It stunk to high heaven.  Then a friend borrowed the car and smoked.  I am sorry. I needed help.  The car reeked.


Being on the path to odor elimination instead of  car air freshener, I tried auto odor eliminator by Innofresh.  it was fragrance free said it eliminated smoke, food and pet odors.  The activated charcoal filter went right to work and absorbed the odors is a very short time.  I got the product at CSK Auto, but I am sure there are other places, by contacting customerservice@innofresh.com or go to the web site www.innofresh.com.

So my car is now back to no smells, which is the way I like it.


PS: Added to this blog:  I have heard that these are where you can get the product for cars: Checker Auto, Schuck’s Auto, Kragen Auto and Murray’s Auto.   UPC 0 9735919962 2