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Top ways to get rid of baby diaper pail odor

You give birth to a really sweet baby, so cute, smells so good after a bath and then…. they poop. Now it is bad enough cleaning up the poop, wiping and turning that diaper into a folded up stink stick.  You then take it and throw it in the diaper pail and gag.  I mean I gagged more with diaper smells than I ever did with morning sickness.

Now add pee to the mix and the pungant smell spreads each time you open up the lid.  P.U. So I added this to my odor absorber test.  Could Fridge-It  www.fridgeit.com get rid of that odor?


I asked a friend of mine with a new baby to give it the 5 day sniff test.  She left the diapers in the pail for 5 days. Oh my gosh.  It stunk to high heaven. Then we places a Fridge It into the pail and came back in 4 hours.  It was so much better.  The stink was lessened.  By the morning it was almost gone.  Added a second one to the pail and that took care of the smell of diapers.  I was thrilled  and more important, she was thrilled.


So yes it works wonders to get rid of diaper pail odor. If you cannot find it email info@fridgeit.com

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