Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Questions about odor absorbers and charcoal odor absorber filters.
July 22, 2008, 12:03 am
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Some of the readers of the blog have asked questions about air fresheners and odor absorbers and here is what I have found out from the companies web sites.

How long does a charcoal odor absorbers last?
Depending on how tough the odor problems are, Fridge-It Charcoal Odor Absorbers can last up to 6 months in your refrigerator. Innofresh is a wafer “flat” filters will last up to 4 months controlling odors.

Can I use Fridge-It in other areas around the house?
Yes, Fridge-It Activated Charcoal Odor Absorbers is designed to trap and neutralize all odors, it is made for under sinks, near trash, diaper pails and anywhere else bad or musty odors exist.

Can I use Fridge It in the Freezer?
Yes, Fridge-It will work  in a freezer to keep your ice tasting and smelling fresh. For best odor control,  they recommend you should place Fridge-It in both your refrigerator and freezer.

Are the Charcoal Odor Absorbers safe?
Yes, the filters are non-toxic and completely safe when used as directed.

Will Innofresh Charcoal Filters work on pet odors?
Yes, use our Pet charcoal odor absorber and place it near by your pet areas including near litter box, cage or aquarium.

Will Innofresh Charcoal Filters work in Footwear?
Yes, place Footwear charcoal odor absorbers in  each sneakers, shoes, gym bags and foot lockers. Place 1 unit in each shoe overnight.

How does the Visor Fresh scented air fresheners fragrance work?
The fragrance is actually encapsulated into the plastic providing long-lasting fragrance delivery without mess of gels or fragrance oils rubbing off on your hands and surfaces.

Can I use Visor Fresh scented air freshners in other areas around the house?
Yes, Visor Fresh works great everywhere. Works great in bathrooms, closets and even by silk plants.


I will add more as I get questions and find answers. You can look yourself at www.Innofresh.com or www.fridgeit.com  or ask yourself by email at customerservice@innofresh.com or phone 602-866-0411

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