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Top odor problems for autos and trucks

Cars and trucks have their own odor issues.  I have had many come to this blog looking for odor elimination solutions for cars, trucks and pick ups.


The areas that they are searching to get rid of cigarette smoke, cigar smoke and pipe odors.  They also are looking for how to get rid of trunk odor of various kinds.  They also look for odor elimination in cars from pet smells and of course the “I eat in my car and it now stinks”, how do I get the smell out of my car. 

A few have asked about spilled milk or getting rid of milk odor.  A few have also asked about musty odor smells from water getting in the car or musty smells from mud or hunting or camping equipment that were lift in the car and now the car stinks.  The most unusual ones to me are the how do I get dead mouse or animal smell in the car or truck?


There are basically a few options to get rid of your car, truck or pick up odor problems, this also applies to RV’s.:

1:  Clean out the car, bring it to a car wash and vacuum out the garbage is the base line.

2: Deturmine the source of the odor.  If it can be washed and cleaned out, do that.  If it is has been cleaned and it still stinks and you cannot get to the stink out then we are going to need to use an air freshener or auto odor eliminator.

3: For odors that you want to mask with a scent you choose, use Visor Fresh auto air fresheners,  www.innofresh.com.  They have a scent in the plastic that has a long lasting fragrance release.

4: For odor elimination use  Innofresh odor eliminator which is fragrance free, so no scent is added and you get rid of your odor, since it absorbs the odor. You may need to use several depending on the odor. You can get them at: Innofresh Auto Odor Eliminator at  Checker Auto, Schucks Auto, Kragen Auto, Murrys Auto.  it will work for more than auto, just branded auto for the auto segment and the manufacuter knows you may be looking where ever there is inventory to buy  or contact the manufacturer by email at customerservice@innofresh.com or their web site at www.innofresh.com.

10 Top ways to get rid hurricane odor

How to control the odors after hurricanes is a huge issue that the readers of my blog are asking about. The news of big hurricane hitting the gulf coast,  Florida and now Texas reminded me to tell you of the lessons learned about odor and odor control from Katrina.  In talking with the manufacturer of Fridge It and Innofresh Odor Eliminator that during the last big hurricane disaster the numbers of calls for the Fridge It cubes  and Innofresh Odor Eliminators was tremendous.  They had to go into additional production for months after the storm.

The reason  to consider a naturally activated charcoal odor absorbers is:

 1: Simply it works by absorbing large amounts of odor in the porous charcoal. Natures best odor absorbing material carbon. Fridge It has taken it and added advanced porous technology and air flow design for maximum odor absorption.  Even after the electric is back on and you clean out the refrigerator, it will still stink.  Thus they get many calls weeks after the storm for Fridge It odor absorbers.

2: The Charcoal traps odor and more importantly neutralizes air borne odor, not mask them with a scented spray.

3: The Innofresh odor eliminators or the Fridge It Cube odor absorbers requires no battery or electricity, so it can be put to work absorbing odors right away, even before the electricity can be turned back on.

4: It is non toxic and completely safe.

5: It is cheap, under $5 for each cube or flat wafer.

6; The odor control does not mask the odor with a strong scent that may aggravate allergies.

7: It is a convenient size. 3″ x 3″ or smaller , so you can use many around the house and not have it seem obvious.

8: It last 4 to 6 months, so this will keep on working for you.

9:  It works on all sorts of odors: refrigerator odor and freezer smells. smoke from cigarettes, food spills, pets, dead mouse smell and other musty odors a hurricane will create.  It will not work on mold or things that are actually water damaged or water soaked, you need professional help for that type of extraction. Once the water has been extracted, and a mold spray has happened, then the odor absorbers are effective.

10: It works well if you use it in the plastic bags to protect or water proof your clothes you saved and want to protect during the clean up process. You toss a Fridge It cube or Innofresh wafer odor abosrber into the plastic bag and sealed the bag and the clean clothes stay odor free. 

As the house dries out, and the odors start, putting non effected clothes and linens, toys and other things you do not want to damage in the dry out process in sealed bags with an odor absorber will prevent the odors from transferring to those items.

For those looking for the product, you can get them on line at the stores listed on the left links on the side of this blog that say buy or at retail at:   Your can buy Fridge It retail  at:   Camping World, Sur La Table and at US Military Commissaries across the county.  Yes military base stores.

As  Innofresh Auto odor absorber at auto supply stores: Checker Auto, Schucks, Auto, Kragen Auto, Murrys Auto.  It will work for more than auto, just focused on auto for the auto segment and the manufacuter knows you may be looking whereever there is inventory to buy or contact the manufacturer by email at customerservice@innofresh.com or their web site at www.innofresh.com.  They can also ship direct to you in lots of 6, 12 24 or case lots or more or direct you to on line stores that carry it if you want less than 6 at a time.

Winter proofing your home from odors.

Fall and Winter are around the corner and so is winterizing your get away place so it will be in good shape for next year or getting your year round home ready for closed windows and heating will require using odor absorbers.

Besides the cleaning up, stowing away, cleaning out the refrigerator, closets and making room in the garage and basement for boats, RV’s or sport bikes, this process leads to how to stop winters musty smells and odors from getting in the furniture, linens, carpet, curtains and refrigerator.

In your process of winterizing or winter proofing, think of the odor and must and how to get rid of it through out the fall and winter. Try using a activated charcoal odor absorber in several areas.  For larger areas you you can leave baking pans filled with charcoal, (not brickettes) to absorb the smells that will get released as the temperatures cools in rooms. Place the charcoal on a flat tray and evenly spread out the charcoal, place in an area where it will be left alone and not spilled.  Under a bed, on the top of the kitchen counter,  in the fire place.  I assume you know this is treatment is not to be lit.

For enclosed area, such as  closets, storage rooms, linen closets, garages, basements, under sinks in refrigerators, freezers,  bathrooms, kitchen cabinets or in boats or other areas you are tarping Fridge It cube charcoal odor absorbers or Innofresh flat wafer odor absorbers will absorb the odors.  These areas need a odor product that will not tip over or spill or have a mess.  So the when looking for a natural “no mess or spill” solution, this is the products I want to recommend.  Since they last for around 4 to 6 months, they have a lot of long lasting odor absorbing power.

Another good place for a Fridge It is in the empty trash barrel, this will absorb the odors all winter long. A refrigerator that is unplugged all winter and closed and have quite the smell, so again another good winterizing tip. Also in your everyday fridge, since you cook more hearty foods in the winter, that create more odor.

The other key place for winter odor is foot odor. Use a footware absorbers placed into your shoes to get the summer odor out of them and make them better for the next time you come to vacation.

Add naturally activated charcoal odor absorber to your winterizing shopping list. For more information on odor absorbers, contact via email at customerservice@innofresh.com or visit their web site www.innofresh.com.

Getting rid of music instrument case odor.

My son came home and told me that his new guitar case still smelled really bad.  He said every time he opens it, it just stinks.

The smell has been there since he bought the guitar and case.  We asked at the store if that was normal and was told to give it a week and the smell would be gone, that was a year ago.

We have tried air fresheners and they mask the odor, but only for a short time.  The reason being that once the air freshener has done all it can do, it will do no more.  Thus still a stinky instrument case.  The smell is more powerful that the air freshener we tried using. 

 So we moved on to natually activatead charcoal odor absorbers, as with any instrument, you do not want it near any powders, liquids or gels.   Since the music case is so stinky we are putting several in to draw out the odors. It really worked quite well. And now the case is odor free.

I remembered my other son had a clarinet and a case that also smelled and put a taste in your mouth of metal.  It had an old smell that reminded me of green moss and a taste of a rancid silver spoon, and that was also absorbed with the odor absorbers. 

I used Innofresh odor eliminator, is is a charcoal odor absorber  www.innofresh.com and that will do the trick to get the smell out of the case.  Since is is non toxic, no spill, it worked for 4 months and will not effect the instrument. You can find out where to order on line or get it near you at www.innofresh.com or customerservice@innofresh.com.

Cheerleaders have an odor problem?

You would think that it would be a body odor problem, but that is not the issue that I have been asked to address. Those cute cheerleaders all store all their cheer gear in a gym bag and the bags begin to stink. 

No wonder they walk fast when they get off the bus to cheer at a game.  The fast movement is not to seem peppy, it is to keep moving so you do not get a whiff of their gym bags and duffel they carry. 

The issue is the sneakers, under clothes, towels and socks that they carry. Most of their cute outfits are made to keep them warm in cold climates, perhaps it keeps them too warm and it created sweat that created the gym bag issue.  Most outfits made of wool or knit and it does not breath that well.  The shoes or sneakers they wear, get wet, are on grass or mud which attracks odor.


So same advice as the boys, use a naturally activate carbon odor absorber like Innofresh odor absorbers or Fridge It odor absorbers and no more issues with Cheerleader odor. 

Oh … I am assuming that the clothes and such are being washed on a regular basis. If not,  start with the basics of cleaning and washing the bag and cleaning your clothes. 

Give me an O, Give me a D, Give me an O, Give me a R.  Whats that smell… ODOR.


Or use Fridge It to get rid of ODOR which you can find at www.fridgeit.com or email info@fridgeit.com

Getting rid of odors in gym lockers, gym bags and inside smelly sneakers

Gym lockers and gym bags are a very smelly places and I get a lot of people who are searching for solutions.  Especially if used gym clothes are left in the locker or even the lockers next you you, the smell and odors just build and build. Plus year to year the cleaning process for lockers is not the best.

 Gym lockers:  Masking the odor will only help short term, like a spray or powder. Also is is very difficult to keep it from spilling or you smelling like a sanitized toilet bowl.  Getting the odor out of the air with a naturally activated charcoal odor absorber is the way to go.  It will work just like if you want to get smells out of a refrigerator.  Which is a proven method for years.

Lockers have the same closed space, so a charcoal odor absorber absorb will trap the odor and you get a clean smelling locker.  It also works well if your neighbors locker smells bad, so when the smell gets to your locker it takes the smell out of the air and traps it in the absorber for good.  Thus no transfer smell to your clothes.

Gym bags are the same principal, since they also have enclosed space. Just put the odor absorber in the bag and let the smells be absorbed.  Simple, fast and cheap. Plus you do not want anything tipping over or sprays that will linger. 

Sneaker odors is the other area is the charcoal odor absorbers placed inside of each sneaker or sport shoe will take care of that smelly problem.  I like Fridge It  Odor absorbers for lockers and Innofresh Odor Absorbers for sneakers, shoes and gym bags.  You can find where to get them by emailing them at: info@innofresh.com or visit the web site www.innofresh.com

TV : Food Detectives with Ted Allen : Food Network

Readers of my blog have asked how to see the episode on Food Network that talks about does baking soda do anything for keeping you refrigerator smelling clean.  It is in the episode called The 5- Second Rule and it is the section called:” Is the baking soda in my fridge doing anything? Ted Allen and his culinary sleuths set out to prove the answers to these questions, once and for all! ”

Yes  I did confrim that the product he showed  at the end of the segment for easy to use activated charcoal is Fridge It, the purple cube that he is holding up at the end of the segement.

  He said yes, in his test the activated charcoal does work better than baking soda and said if you don’t want to use a tray of charcoal use this.  Which was Fridge It, but he did not say it by name, just showed it.

Here is clip of the show I found on youtube


If you want to see it on TV, here is the times it airs.  Food Detectives
Episode OF0101



The 5-Second Rule
Can I really eat something off the floor if I pick it up in less than 5 seconds? How do I stop my mouth from burning after I’ve eaten spicy food? Is the baking soda in my fridge doing anything? Ted Allen and his culinary sleuths set out to prove the answers to these questions, once and for all! 



TV : Food Detectives with Ted Allen : The 5-Second Rule : Food Network.


Fridge it company contact www.fridgeit.com  or via email at: info@innofresh.com

ABC News, Good Morning America: Debunking Food Myths


This is a interesting report that proves my point about how good activated charcoal odor absorbers are like the purple cube, Fridge It.

ABC news reported on: Debunking Food Myths

Culinary Expert Ted Allen Gives You the Skinny on Food Fact and Fiction

Does baking soda really take away nasty refrigerator odors?
The Test: A food tech places his head into two refrigerators full of rotting, rancid food. One has a pound of baking soda and the other does not. He does his best to keep their heads in the refrigerators. The refrigerator that the food tech can keep his head in the longest is declared the winner.

The Result: Baking Soda does help with odors in your fridge, but activated charcoal works better. It works so well because it is extremely porous.

ABC News: Debunking Food Myths.

Contact info: www.Fridgeit.com or via email at  info@innofresh.com

Visor Fresh Air Fresheners great for cars, trucks, RVs and bathrooms

Here is an air freshener that has it going on.

update: Innofresh odor absorbers also has a line of Air fresheners have been discontinued.  They now have a fragrance free product to replace it. 


Innofresh Products Inc. Woodland Sales and Arizona Air Fresheners

Top ways to eliminate pet odors in the air.

We all love our pets, but there are odor issues that come with your aminals no matter what pet you have.

How to get rid of pet odor in the air is often searched for answers on my blog. So here are the the areas to look for to get rid of the odors. Pet odors have a variety of challenges when it come to clearing the air in your house or car. The first thing is to determine the source of the odor problem.

What is causing the odor?  Look for the source of the odor or see if it is a generalized overall bad smell.  Look at the litter box, does it have litter box odor? Cages or places where the animal lives and goes to the bathroom.  This includes the carpet area since some animals will use a carpet at their potty area. Be sure they are cleaned regularly.  That is the first place to clean to start to gain control of an odor problems.

 How many pets do you have?  One dog has a very different in the odor level than say three.  One cat or five cats will multiply the odors. Pet dander, length of fur, saliva,  animal markings will all add to your pet odor problem.  Use a naturally activated carbon odor absorber for absorbing the smells.

Look to see of the problem is an odor or a smell?  An odor would come from specific area like from urine, poop or the materials you have used to catch the problem, such as a litter box or papers on the floor or in the cage.  These need to be cleaned, washed and removed, before you can get effective odor absorption. Has the animal used your carpet of furniture to go to the bathroom? Does your animal get up on furniture?  Do they use your drapes to rub up against?  All of these activities will keep the odor level high.

An odor will continue to bother you when you are in the house and you do not get use to the specific odor the longer you are in the room.  HINT: Check under the beds, furniture, you pet may have left you a present that you are not aware of. If after you checked for presents, you need to determine if it could be a dead mouse in the wall or mold in the wall.

A smell will come from an overall odor in the house, that is noticeable and then fades as you are in hte room longer and get use to  the smell. If it is a smell and it is noticeable when you enter the house, then not as time goes on.  It is most likely a fur or the carpet smell of the animal that needs to be attended to.

 Does the animal sleep in bed with you?  if so your bed linins and pads need to be washed. If the matress has been stained, then you will need to replace the mattress.

Does the animal get up on your furniture. If so then a fabric odor remover or an odor absorber like innofresh will do the job.

What type of pet is it?  If the pet is a dog  then you must use different odor treatments than a cat.  If it is a cat or other type of per like , reptiles such as snake, or mice or gerbils.  Birds and fish require yet another type of treatment.  A fragrance free non toxic odor absorber will do the trick to get the odors out.  However, dogs will try to eat the odor absorbers, so it is not recommended for dogs, unless you can keep it our of their reach.

A scented air freshener will do a short term cover up to make the room smell better, I prefer the Natural charcoal odor absorbers, such as Fridge it or Innofresh to have the odors absorbers, instead of covered up.  You can contact www.innofresh.com or email:  customerservice@innofresh.com , or call 602-866-0411 to find a place to buy the charcoal odor absorbers near you.