Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Hotel rooms musty smell absorbed.

I saw a reply to what to do about musty smelling hotel rooms and was pleased to find that Fridge It has been elevated to 5 star hotel status use by hotel cleaning departments.

Here is their comment:  “I know some of the staff at a large 5 star hotel in the cleaning department
and their secret was a product they use called FRIDGE IT.  It is a little purple cube – activated carbon odor absorber that they place in all the closets and mini-fridge units in the rooms to absorb the musty smells.   It is totally unscented which is what they really like.   I got my hands on a couple of them and it really
does work great.  I use it in fridge, under my sink, clipped onto trash and even
in my closets.”

   Love it .


Who knew….Did not know people where trying so hard to get their hands on a couple.  I guess the guest are seeing them and taking them home to try.  So it works on musty smelling hotel rooms and guest refrigerators.

Look for it at: www.fridgeit.com or email at : info@fridgeit.com

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