Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Pipe, Cigar and Tobacco smoke stink up a room

A common search is for something to get rid of Pipe odor, cigar smell or cigarette smoke from a room or a car.  Even after the person has smoked the smell lingers. 

Several readers of the blog are looking for ways to get the smell out of old books and magazines, which years later still smell like the person was still smoking in the room.

 How many times have you entered a car fo someone who smokes and it smells like an ash tray?

The decision is whether to use an air freshener to change the odor in the room or car, or to absorb the odor so it is gone.  The decision is  easy, if you can close off the area than use an odor absorber like Fridge it,   www.fridgeit.com  that will take the smell out of the air.  It the area is big and expansive, use a air freshener, spray or scented product.


For books with a smoke odor,  put the books in a baggie, leave air in the bag and seal it with 3 Innofresh odor absorbers, www.innofresh.com .  The odor in the book will be reduced if not gone altogether. 

For refrigerators, use 1 fridge it,  www.fridgeit.com for small odors and you may need up to 3 if the stink is really bad.  Also clean out the refridge if it smells that bad. For regular sized rooms it may take 3 or 4 Fridge Its to clear the odor quickly, or 1 if you have more time.

Fridge It, Made in the USA and a helping others

The story of Fridge It, www.fridgeit.com, the naturally activated charcoal odor absorber  and Innofresh odor absorbers, www.innofresh.com,  are the kind of brands that make all Americans proud.  First off, all of the product and its pieces are all made in the USA.  It is non toxic and it is patented for its design as on odor absorber. There are no messy powders to spill or sprays to clean up.

 For the past 15 years they have used a manufacturing plant that hires adults with disabilities to assemble and put together the product.

 It feels so feel good to not only help get rid of odor, but also know that it is helping those with disabilities maintain a steady job right here in the USA.

If you go to their website, they now ship direct to consumers all over the US, Canada,  England and now to Australia.