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The 10 top dorm room odors students face.

I think it is a given that when college students move into dorms and each room holds 2 to 5 you are going to have an odor problem on many levels.  The room is a eco system in itself.  Lets look at the top odor areas in a college dorm room.

 Here are the top odor areas to look for that all college students living in dorms face:

1. The room itself.  Year after year of heavy use by messy students a residual odor builds up in the room.  The chemicals used in the the summer to clean down the room also can smell odd.  The corner crust that is often missed in the cleaning process, done once a year.

2: Mattress: You never know who and what was in that bed last. A musty smell and worst awaits you.

3: Furniture: Fiber board and wood absorb odors such as smoke, cleaners, body odor.

4: Carpets:  Oh my, cleaning just cannot get out what a college student puts on it. General filth, pizza boxes, garbage, pets, soiled shoes and old socks and soiled underware all dropped on the carpet.  You name it and it is living in the fiber of the carpet and backing creating odor.

5: Curtains: Fabric will absorb the odors in the room and hold them their for a very long time.  Just think, you may still have the class of 77 pot smoke living with you.

6:Closet: Musty odor, smells of cardboard boxes, stashes of whatever, food, and smelly cloths, not to mention the laundry bag all create a symphony of odors growing from the college students closet.

7:Mini fridge: The refrigerator odor for dorm room students is over whelming.  Stuffed to the brim with food that turns old and moldy in the dorm room.

8:The trash bin. Continually overstuffed and overflowing, the residual crud that builds up on the edge and on the inside, especially since most college students do not use plastic bag liners is smelly and stinks of the dorm room.

9:The shoe rack: Running shoes, skater shoes and the like, especially is the guys dorm rooms stink to high heaven.

10: The bathrooms sink and showers: The pungent smell of pee, poop and throw up mixed with shampoo evades most dorm bathrooms. it creates a stench that only those living in dorm at college student can understand.

This of course is in addition to body odor, farting, gas and other man or woman made odors that I will also need to rank. 

I am sure there are more that you can add of odors living in a dorm. Fridge It  www.fridgeit.com or Innofresh odor absorbers www.innofresh.com  are made in mind for college dorm rooms and are very effective at absorbing odors and cleaning up the odors in air for dorm rooms or in dorm refridges.

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You are right on about this. I have a son in college now and last year living in a dorm with 2 roommates. Oh my gosh! The stale odor in that room was bad and the mini fridge that they had was undescribable. Your blog talks about a product called Fridge IT and I am a big fan of that little odor absorber. Last year, after realizing the stink from his dorm room, we bought a bunch of the Fridge-Its and dispersed them throughout the room. It made a world of difference and I recommend it as a must for any supply list for any kid living in a dorm room.

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