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How to remove boy smell from room

Face it,  boys are smelly.  A boys room stinks!   Beyond the B.O. (Body odor),  just get a boy 8 years and older in a room, close the door and let the odor begin!  Get to 13 and the smell is overpowering.  Odor elimination is key as apposed to trying to mask the smells with scents.

The biggest  part of the boy smell problem comes from sneaker odor.  That really needs to be attended to quickly by placing  a charcoal odor absorbers in each sneaker.  Add in that a boys room generates more heat when they and their friends are there and you need to get the boy smell odor out of the air.  Once the boy in the pre teen or teen odor stage, it is very understandable that an ongoing odor absorber strategy and an odor solution is needed,  beyond bathing and showering.

 Plainly every mother and father knows “Boy Smell”, sometimes moms call it “Smelly Boy”, it is a rancid combination of perspiration, heat, rank smelling hair and well worn favorite cloths, sneakers, sports equipment, gym bags and shoes that add to the unique smell that can only come from a boys room.

 It does call for action. First – shower or a bath is job one, cleaning the room is job two.  When it comes to group boy smell ,this is not going to be enough.  The sneakers and room in general need to have odor absorbers.  I recommend a charcoal odor absorber for foot odor by  www.Innofresh.com,  Innofresh odor eliminator to get the odors out of the air and does not mask the smell. 

If the sneakers need special odor treatment, take the shoe or sneaker and place inside a baggie.  Place three Innofresh foot odor absorbers in the bag, two inside the shoe foot area and one outside in the bag and allow air to stay in the bag and give it a day and check the progress. It will take a few days to get the odor down to a reasonable level or hopefully odor free.  If the sneakers are badly soiled, try removing the insoles and replacing it with a sports insole from www.walkpainfree.com .  I love their inserts!

 You can get the Innofresh odor eliminators via email at info@innofresh.com by visiting the web site www.innofresh.com or 602-866-0411

 If you have really bad Boy Smell, then use the larger versions of the carbon odor absorber called Fridge It , nnaturally activated Charcoal odor absorber in several key spots. Under the bed , in the closet, hung on the hamper and trash can and in the gym bag. This will do wonders for getting the “boy smell” out of the room.  For a larger room you may need 4 to 6  odor absorbers depending on how strong the odor in from your boys are. 

You can get the Innofresh odor eliminators via email at info@innofresh.com or by visiting the web site www.innofresh.com or 602-866-0411

How to get the odor out of older or foreclosed homes

I was talking with a woman this morning who was saying that she has been going to Realtor open houses on homes that are going into foreclosure. The first thing she cannot get over when she enters the house is the smell,.  She said they all have an offensive odor, like of pets, stink and worst.  She said the houses I am seeing all have a terrible odor of old and musty. The bad smells need to be removed and cleaned up.  The odors make the house seem dirty.

 Also  I am seeing many houses for sale that are just old houses that the owners are tyring to sell since they are getting older.  Most smell like the old people who live there. She went on to say even when I try to picture the house renovated, the smell turns me off.


I told her they need to use a charcoal odor absorber like Fridge It.  It should come standard in a Realtors bag of trick to sell a house.  She said, yes,  spread the word since some  realtors are trying to mask the smell  by using stinky candles or sprays.  It just does not do the job. She will keep looking since a fresh and clean smelling house is what she is looking for.


Contact info: www.fridgeit.com or via email at info@innofresh.com