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ABC News, Good Morning America: Debunking Food Myths


This is a interesting report that proves my point about how good activated charcoal odor absorbers are like the purple cube, Fridge It.

ABC news reported on: Debunking Food Myths

Culinary Expert Ted Allen Gives You the Skinny on Food Fact and Fiction

Does baking soda really take away nasty refrigerator odors?
The Test: A food tech places his head into two refrigerators full of rotting, rancid food. One has a pound of baking soda and the other does not. He does his best to keep their heads in the refrigerators. The refrigerator that the food tech can keep his head in the longest is declared the winner.

The Result: Baking Soda does help with odors in your fridge, but activated charcoal works better. It works so well because it is extremely porous.

ABC News: Debunking Food Myths.

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