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Cheerleaders have an odor problem?

You would think that it would be a body odor problem, but that is not the issue that I have been asked to address. Those cute cheerleaders all store all their cheer gear in a gym bag and the bags begin to stink. 

No wonder they walk fast when they get off the bus to cheer at a game.  The fast movement is not to seem peppy, it is to keep moving so you do not get a whiff of their gym bags and duffel they carry. 

The issue is the sneakers, under clothes, towels and socks that they carry. Most of their cute outfits are made to keep them warm in cold climates, perhaps it keeps them too warm and it created sweat that created the gym bag issue.  Most outfits made of wool or knit and it does not breath that well.  The shoes or sneakers they wear, get wet, are on grass or mud which attracks odor.


So same advice as the boys, use a naturally activate carbon odor absorber like Innofresh odor absorbers or Fridge It odor absorbers and no more issues with Cheerleader odor. 

Oh … I am assuming that the clothes and such are being washed on a regular basis. If not,  start with the basics of cleaning and washing the bag and cleaning your clothes. 

Give me an O, Give me a D, Give me an O, Give me a R.  Whats that smell… ODOR.


Or use Fridge It to get rid of ODOR which you can find at www.fridgeit.com or email info@fridgeit.com

Getting rid of odors in gym lockers, gym bags and inside smelly sneakers

Gym lockers and gym bags are a very smelly places and I get a lot of people who are searching for solutions.  Especially if used gym clothes are left in the locker or even the lockers next you you, the smell and odors just build and build. Plus year to year the cleaning process for lockers is not the best.

 Gym lockers:  Masking the odor will only help short term, like a spray or powder. Also is is very difficult to keep it from spilling or you smelling like a sanitized toilet bowl.  Getting the odor out of the air with a naturally activated charcoal odor absorber is the way to go.  It will work just like if you want to get smells out of a refrigerator.  Which is a proven method for years.

Lockers have the same closed space, so a charcoal odor absorber absorb will trap the odor and you get a clean smelling locker.  It also works well if your neighbors locker smells bad, so when the smell gets to your locker it takes the smell out of the air and traps it in the absorber for good.  Thus no transfer smell to your clothes.

Gym bags are the same principal, since they also have enclosed space. Just put the odor absorber in the bag and let the smells be absorbed.  Simple, fast and cheap. Plus you do not want anything tipping over or sprays that will linger. 

Sneaker odors is the other area is the charcoal odor absorbers placed inside of each sneaker or sport shoe will take care of that smelly problem.  I like Fridge It  Odor absorbers for lockers and Innofresh Odor Absorbers for sneakers, shoes and gym bags.  You can find where to get them by emailing them at: info@innofresh.com or visit the web site www.innofresh.com

TV : Food Detectives with Ted Allen : Food Network

Readers of my blog have asked how to see the episode on Food Network that talks about does baking soda do anything for keeping you refrigerator smelling clean.  It is in the episode called The 5- Second Rule and it is the section called:” Is the baking soda in my fridge doing anything? Ted Allen and his culinary sleuths set out to prove the answers to these questions, once and for all! ”

Yes  I did confrim that the product he showed  at the end of the segment for easy to use activated charcoal is Fridge It, the purple cube that he is holding up at the end of the segement.

  He said yes, in his test the activated charcoal does work better than baking soda and said if you don’t want to use a tray of charcoal use this.  Which was Fridge It, but he did not say it by name, just showed it.

Here is clip of the show I found on youtube


If you want to see it on TV, here is the times it airs.  Food Detectives
Episode OF0101



The 5-Second Rule
Can I really eat something off the floor if I pick it up in less than 5 seconds? How do I stop my mouth from burning after I’ve eaten spicy food? Is the baking soda in my fridge doing anything? Ted Allen and his culinary sleuths set out to prove the answers to these questions, once and for all! 



TV : Food Detectives with Ted Allen : The 5-Second Rule : Food Network.


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