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Cheerleaders have an odor problem?

You would think that it would be a body odor problem, but that is not the issue that I have been asked to address. Those cute cheerleaders all store all their cheer gear in a gym bag and the bags begin to stink. 

No wonder they walk fast when they get off the bus to cheer at a game.  The fast movement is not to seem peppy, it is to keep moving so you do not get a whiff of their gym bags and duffel they carry. 

The issue is the sneakers, under clothes, towels and socks that they carry. Most of their cute outfits are made to keep them warm in cold climates, perhaps it keeps them too warm and it created sweat that created the gym bag issue.  Most outfits made of wool or knit and it does not breath that well.  The shoes or sneakers they wear, get wet, are on grass or mud which attracks odor.


So same advice as the boys, use a naturally activate carbon odor absorber like Innofresh odor absorbers or Fridge It odor absorbers and no more issues with Cheerleader odor. 

Oh … I am assuming that the clothes and such are being washed on a regular basis. If not,  start with the basics of cleaning and washing the bag and cleaning your clothes. 

Give me an O, Give me a D, Give me an O, Give me a R.  Whats that smell… ODOR.


Or use Fridge It to get rid of ODOR which you can find at www.fridgeit.com or email info@fridgeit.com

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