Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Getting rid of music instrument case odor.

My son came home and told me that his new guitar case still smelled really bad.  He said every time he opens it, it just stinks.

The smell has been there since he bought the guitar and case.  We asked at the store if that was normal and was told to give it a week and the smell would be gone, that was a year ago.

We have tried air fresheners and they mask the odor, but only for a short time.  The reason being that once the air freshener has done all it can do, it will do no more.  Thus still a stinky instrument case.  The smell is more powerful that the air freshener we tried using. 

 So we moved on to natually activatead charcoal odor absorbers, as with any instrument, you do not want it near any powders, liquids or gels.   Since the music case is so stinky we are putting several in to draw out the odors. It really worked quite well. And now the case is odor free.

I remembered my other son had a clarinet and a case that also smelled and put a taste in your mouth of metal.  It had an old smell that reminded me of green moss and a taste of a rancid silver spoon, and that was also absorbed with the odor absorbers. 

I used Innofresh odor eliminator, is is a charcoal odor absorber  www.innofresh.com and that will do the trick to get the smell out of the case.  Since is is non toxic, no spill, it worked for 4 months and will not effect the instrument. You can find out where to order on line or get it near you at www.innofresh.com or customerservice@innofresh.com.

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