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Good idea to use a closet odor absorber with activated charcoal.
September 29, 2008, 3:08 pm
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Summer turns to fall, then winter and putting away your summer clothes in your closet and the change over of your clothes each season is your annual ritual. Due to this process you start to notice things about your closet. How your closet smells and what kind of closet odor and odor removal you need gets more attention. Yes, it is a good idea to use a closet odor absorber year round and change it 3 times per year.

Closet odor can be easily eliminated with an activated charcoal odor absorber like Innofresh odor eliminators.  Why do you have closet smells and odors and how do you need to get them under control? The other question is do you want to neutralize the odor so it is fragrance free, or you want to add a scent and use an air freshener to be more what you had in mind.

You contribute to closet odor by adding moth balls, clothes you have worn and hung, footwear, coats or by placing things on the top shelves in musty card board boxes. Add what you have on the floor in the closet like shoes, sneakers and add the odor from the shoes on the shoe rack or the shoes and purses just thrown into the bottom of the closet, all add to the odor problem.  Add in tightly packed clothes on hangers that are not allowed to air out and then shut them in a small sealed room and you will have closet odor.

Thus you need to have a three zone approach. One to three absorbers for top shelf items, place one in each box or bag.  The hanger area, you need to allow some air flow, so unjamming the clothes is a must and hang an odor absorber to prevent odor transfer.  On the bottom of the closet get the foot odor absorbers for each shoe that can be placed into the shoes that are not worn, to absorber the odors. If you use the closet  as most do as your catch all for sports equipment, ect, then be sure to place a larger activated charcoal refrigerator odor absorber like a Fridge It cube in on the floor, to grab odors. Figure one Fridge It charcoal odor absorber can help a 6′ x 6′ area, if there is good air flow.  If not, you need more and segment them per zone in your closet for odor control and odor elimination. No one wants a smelly closest, so an naturally activated charcoal odor absorber will do the job nicely. So yes it is a good idea of use a closet odor absorber over a air-freshener. Air fresheners will not remove te odor, just add a scent to all your clothes.

Fridge It is a naturally activated charcoal odor absorber that absorbs refrigerator and freezer odors,  It can keep your ice maker smelling great and ice tasting fresh.  Fridge It is a purple cube that last up to 6 months. it is also great for under the sink, near trash containers, storage closets, garages, RV and Boats.

If you have more question you can get info from the web site at:  www.innofresh.com  the makers of Fridge It and Innofresh odor absorbers.

Yes, Fridge It odor absorber was sold in Walmart for many years.
September 25, 2008, 3:12 pm
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Fridge it and Innofresh product lineA question to my blog, is this the same Fridge It  products that sold on clip strips and in the kitchen gadgets section in Walmart for years and now I cannot find it?

Yes ….this is the same Fridge It  “purple cube” that you came to know, trust and love.  It is the same naturally activated carbon odor absorber that may of you have bought at Walmart for over 10 years.  Yes, Fridge It is still made all in the US and is manufactured at a plant that hires adults with disabilities that puts them to gainful work. So feel good about that.

The update is at the moment, they are not available in Walmart, but they do that to suppliers on occasion, and then they put it back in.  So If you love Fridge It  as much as I do, then ask every time you go into Walmart to – Bring Fridge It Charcoal odor absorber back.

They now have a great way to order on-line directly from the manufacturer.  They say they ship quickly to US, UK and Canada. The product is sold in the US, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and India.  Other countries coming soon.

As a hint they told me that if you want to buy Fridge It from a store or retailer in the US,  that is currently available at Camping World, Sur La Table, and commissaries on US bases, as well as on-line at : Fridge It.  Many retail chains are looking very closely to adding it to their retail locations.  So ask at your local store or hardware. 

The automotive industry took a real liking to the product and they now sell under the Innofresh brand as wafers for auto odor and is sold at Checker Auto, Schucks Auto, Kragen auto, Murrays auto.

I have been told by the manufacturer that it has been picked up by distributor Harolds, so you may now see it at  food chains, health food stores or retailers who use this rack jobber.  You can order direct on-line for Fridge It   or click on this link to go to the official web site page for Fridge It.  If you want to be sent an order form by email: request that at orders@innofresh.com

Why does my ice taste like onions?

The question came up: Why does my ice taste like onions?  I was watching a show, when there was a line of the story that asked a question by one of the stars of the show:  Whey does my ice always taste like onions? 

I know that answer!!!   So here is the answer.  Ice absorbs odors, so if you have onions in your refrigerator, it is transferring into your ice. Or is some cases the ice machine as a plastic taste, that may tastes like onions.  So can you get your ice not to taste like onion and still keep food in your refrigerator and freezer?  YES!

If you use an activated charcoal odor absorber in your freezer and in your ice maker catch all, it will absorb the odor, thus not transferring the taste to your ice.  The ice will taste great and we can all stop questioning, why our ice tastes so bad.  An charcoal odor absorber that is made for this is called Fridge It.  It lasts up to 6 months and it works really well for odor and bad tasting ice problems.

Top way to get rid of fish odor

Fish odor and getting fish smells out of your house has been searched for on this blog more and more lately. There are four different types of fish odors.  The odor from fresh fish as you store it in your refrigerator, second when you fillet the fish, third is the odor after you have cooked the fish. The fourth is if you have a fish tank and it is not maintained and gets the fish aquarium smell and odor problem.

Fish stored in your refrigerator is going to smell. Even when very fresh. The older the fish, the more it will smell, if not stink.  Start off by always using an charcaol odor absorber.   When you have fish in the refrigerator, double or triple up on the absorbers, for the length of time they are stored in the refrigerator. If the fish juice drips, you are going to have to clean the refrigerator in addition to the odor absorber.

Filleting of fish, the boards you use, the way you dispose of the the trimmed parts, all relate to cleaning and fish odor, much like an onion smell.  First use a board to cut on that is of a material that can be washed on hot in your dish washer. Lay paper towels under the board to catch the fish gut and juice.  Then place all the trim and paper in a sealed Baggie when the fish is filleted. High heat wash the board and you should be good to go. If you still have odor, use an charcoal odor absorber.

Cooked fish odor does linger, so you need an odor absorber to trap the fish smell that is now in the air.  This is important to do, since you do not want odor transfer to happen to your cloths, furniture or carpets. Odor absorbers works well for any strong cooking odor, like fish, onions or garlic.  This advice also works on general cooking odor and getting rid of onion, garlic or other strong cooking smells in your house.

 The fish in your aquarium does get an odor when the algae builds up.  For that odor type  use 2 to 3 odor absorbers to keep the odor contained close to the tank.  If you stand next to the tank and you can smell odor, you need an odor absorber.  Remember the odor absorber is not to be put in the tank.  It is placed outside the tank or clipped on the outside  of the tank or on the table near the tank.

You can get the naturally activated charcoal odor absorbers that work for fish odor in cube or wafer  like Fridge It or Innofresh Pet Odor absorber from Innofresh products or if you need more information contact them by email at  info@innofresh.com

Fridge-It Fridge Odor Absorber does eliminate tough odor

I get lots of questions on where to find Fridge It (R) Naturally Activated Carbon absorber and does it work well?  The answer is yes, because it is designed to eliminate the tough odors in refrigerators and freezers.

They also ask can you use it in more than the refrigerator? Yes, Fridge-It can also be used for house, garage and car odors, pets, closets, RV’s, boats. 

They ask if it is messy or toxic?.  No, it is not a messy, it is a cube or flat wafer, so no spray and it cannot spill, or make a mess.  Yes, It is non toxic and safe. 

So here is the background on why it works.  Fridge It is made of natures best odor absorbing material, carbon. Fridge it uses advance porous technology and patented airflow design to maximize odor absorption. It’s naturally activated charcoal element in the absorsber traps and neutralizes odors. Drawing the odor out of air and trapping it in the absorber. 

Depending on the odor, for regular odor maintenance it will last up to 6  month. For bigger odor issues, you will need more and once the odor as been captured, you are going to need to replace it earlier or double or triple up, depending on the odor.  The goal is no odor, no scent.

Fridge It now comes in two sizes and shapes.  The original Fridge It Cube for bigger odor issues or the flatter Fridge-It Wafer, so areas that are needing a smaller odor absorber.

My most frequent questions is readers asking where they can buy Fridge It?.  It is available at selected retailers, like Sur la Table, Camping World and Military Commissaries and seems to be growing everyday.  Also a hint:  They sell an Innofresh Auto odor eliminator in auto retailers, which is a clear holder in the wafer shape. It is the same type of product, packaged for the auto market.  So The CSK auto supply chain of Checker Auto, Schucks, Krager Auto, Murray’s also carry it and would work the same.

You can also order on-line direct from the manufacturer Innofresh  with a minimum order of a 6 pack ( they do allow combos to mix and match product) at the Innofresh website who sells Fridge It , go to, www.innofresh.com or at www.fridgeit.com, click on order and it will bring you to thier shopping cart.  You can also down load an order form from their web site, if you want to order by mail.

Those who want to order just one to five odor absorber, can look at the links section of this blog, I have added many of the other on-line retailers who see the product.  I have attached some photos, so you can see what you are looking for.

Fridge It Wafer

Fridge It Wafer

Fridge-It Cube

Fridge-It Cube

Commercial Air Fresheners, Industrial Odor Eliminators, Janitorial Supplies

Commercial and Industrial Odor Solutions have their own needs in larger spaces. Fridge It  does a great job for commercial odor programs with Naturally Activated charcoal odor absorbers.

Innofresh Products, Inc. offers a full range of commercial odor solution products and value-added service programs designed to improve the air quality of your food and beverage operations. It is chemical free, non-spill, non-toxic, unscented activated carbon technology is perfect for a variety of odor elimination applications including reach-in and walk-in coolers, display case refrigerated merchandisers and deli cases.

Odor solutions that are ideal for business and industry, hospital, college and hospitality food service as well as restaurants, café’s, snack shops for both front of the house merchandisers as well as back of the house commercial refrigeration units. Innofresh Products, Inc. can provide you with a customized solution to reduce cross odor contamination and improve your food storage and food display environments.

Contact their sales department and ask about our commercial applications. 602-866-0411

Commercial Air Fresheners, Industrial Odor Eliminators, Janitorial Supplies | Innofresh Products Inc..

How to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean and Odor Free


Here is another blogger talking about Fridge It and how well it worked for her too.

How to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean and Odor Free on 07/24/08

I had the worst refrigerator odor coming from a combination of cheese, onions and Chinese food. Pretty bad. After trying just about everything else including baking soda which didn’t really work well, I saw a recommendation about a product called Fridge-IT. It is a little purple activated carbon odor absorber. Might be little but wow, does it work great. I highly recommend it.   www.innofresh.com

LoriW | eHow.com.

How to get rid of carpet and rug odor

I get a lot of requests to the blog to address carpet and rug odor and how to get rid or is it possible to absorb odors with Fridge it odor absorbers. Yes it does work as an odor absorber for carpets.

There is a simple explanation for odors in the carpet and it has not to do with the top level cleaning for dirty carpet,  it has to do with dirt and liquids such as urine going down into the carpet fiber, carpet backer and into the padding.

 Most carpets that are cleaned get the surface dirt, some steam clean gets the fiber soil, but not much gets the padding clean.  The issue is when a carpet is cleaned the moisture wicks down and forces the moisture into the padding layer, the stain and odor stays and the odors returns in short time.  The other issue is that most use spray a fragrance in the carpet cleaning product or in the stain resistance spray they add after cleaning.  This to some is not a pleasant smell and they describe it as odor.

The first issue is to determine the type of odor, if it is a pet stain, then you need to carpet clean all layers and then use a odor absorber to collect the odor and trap it.

If it is a musty smell or cigarette smell in the rug, then a few odor absorbers should do the job.

If it is general traffic dirt on your carpet, then a cleaning of the carpet is all you will need. If it is body odor, then an air-freshener or odor absorber in addition to the cleaning is needed.

If it is a spilled drink or bottle, like milk or soda.  Clean the spot and use an odor absorber to gather up the odors and get them trapped at the localized level. Milk or baby formula that is spilled will have a sour smell forever and will grow over time with heat or humidity.

If the issue is mold or water damaged carpet then professional help is needed, including removing the pad, repacing carpet and treating the cement. In that case, once treatment is done, then the sour smell can be controlled with odor absorbers.

If it is ground in food, clean the area of the carpet and use an odor absorber to gather the odor up. 

For carpets, I recommend the wafer odor absorber products, like Innofresh odor eliminator, or for bigger areas use Fridge It Charcoal odor cubes.  Figure one to two is needed for each 8′ x 10′ area.  I place them under the couch, or under the coffee table, to be sure they get the odor captured close to the source. Give it 24 hours and you should be smelling odor free.

Football teams odor problems

I was talking with a friend of mine, who has a son on a championship high school team and he started telling me about the odor problems all the boys on the football team were having with their gear, locker room odor and the sports equipment odors.

The odors seem to be inherited, since some of the uniform and equipment, are passed down from year to year.  The helmets, pads and bags all cleaned, still smell.  The cleats, shoes and hand rags all keep the odors from the practices and games.  Then, all this football gear gets placed in the trunk of a car after use, add heat and you have a very stinky trunk and football equipment. Not to mention foot odor issues.

The other issues are the socks and jocks, that still have a jock odor even after washing.  The uniforms also clean, but not fresh smelling.  The team bags also get odors from the grass, the dirt and the weather conditions.   So I suggested he get the team a case of Innofresh odor eliminators and Fridge It odor absorbers and pass them out the the biggest stink offenders.


He liked the idea and so did the coaches, who want to use them also at the end of the season when they pack everything way for next year. GO Fridge IT, GO TEAM INNOFRESH get those odors…..It worked and absorbed the odors, football odor now controlled.

Get rid of baby’s diaper pail and diaper bag odor

How to get rid of dirty diaper smell from diaper pails or diaper bags is often asked.   Babies and dirty diapers go hand and hand. If you have a baby or a toddler, you have diapers.  Lots of diapers and lots of dirty diaper odor.  The average baby is changed 7  to 15 times per day.  Then there are the wipes that once used also add to the odor.

You want their room or nursery to smell fresh and sweet. Not sour and pungent. Follow these few simple steps.

First.  Have a closed top diaper pail. The open style pails allows odor to not be kept in a confined area.  That is the secret to diaper pail odor, keep in controlled.  Place an activated charcoal odor absorber like Innofresh odor eliminator  www.innofresh.com in the pail. They will last a few months, so keep throwing out the diapers and keep the odor absorbers.  I double stick tape the odor absorber to the inside of the lid and that worked out great.

Be sure to fold up your dirty diaper and do the tuck the ends in and roll into a turd shape.  This will keep the diaper poop from falling out and causing more problems.

With diaper bags, just throw a odor absorber in the diaper bag and it will take care of the odor transfer issue you are experiencing.  If a dirty diaper is left in a diaper bag even for a short time the odors will cling on the plastic, cloth and other materials.  So even once you throw out the diaper, you are still going to smell it.

 Activated Charcoal is non toxic and cannot spill so it is safe and does not cause allergies.  If you have a really bad odor, move up and use the larger size odor absorber made for refrigerator odors  called Fridge It  at  fridgeit.com

So enjoy now you can enjoy the sweet smell of your baby and not the odors of their diapers and diaper pail. You can find odor absorbers at www.innofresh.com or email them a  info@innofresh.com