Odor absorbers & air fresheners

How many odor absorbers do I need to use?

 The stronger the smell the more odor absorbers you are going to need. Take my refrigerator, it is large, but I like it smelling odor free.  That closed small space takes 4 Fridge It odor absorber cubes www.fridgeit.com  to do the job the way I like it.  My freezer takes 2, one for ice and one for the freezer. I like the wafer version for that, since it takes up less space. 

I cook a lot of food with strong odors, so that is why need more and want a clean smelling refrigerator.  One or two will do fine if the food does not have a strong smell.

My office, I like a clean fresh smell, like outdoors on a clear day.  That is 6 to 8 Fridge Its.  I stack them up in a big tower and it makes such a difference in my air quality and room smells fresher.  One or two again will do the job, I just liked the smell being so much fresher when I added more.  Try it, it has really made a difference.

My car, since I am not a smoker it only takes one Innofresh Odor Eliminator wafer www.innofresh.com . My sisters car takes five charcoal odor absorbers. Her car is a mess with trash and pet smells really stay in the car with her.

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