Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Get rid of baby’s diaper pail and diaper bag odor

How to get rid of dirty diaper smell from diaper pails or diaper bags is often asked.   Babies and dirty diapers go hand and hand. If you have a baby or a toddler, you have diapers.  Lots of diapers and lots of dirty diaper odor.  The average baby is changed 7  to 15 times per day.  Then there are the wipes that once used also add to the odor.

You want their room or nursery to smell fresh and sweet. Not sour and pungent. Follow these few simple steps.

First.  Have a closed top diaper pail. The open style pails allows odor to not be kept in a confined area.  That is the secret to diaper pail odor, keep in controlled.  Place an activated charcoal odor absorber like Innofresh odor eliminator  www.innofresh.com in the pail. They will last a few months, so keep throwing out the diapers and keep the odor absorbers.  I double stick tape the odor absorber to the inside of the lid and that worked out great.

Be sure to fold up your dirty diaper and do the tuck the ends in and roll into a turd shape.  This will keep the diaper poop from falling out and causing more problems.

With diaper bags, just throw a odor absorber in the diaper bag and it will take care of the odor transfer issue you are experiencing.  If a dirty diaper is left in a diaper bag even for a short time the odors will cling on the plastic, cloth and other materials.  So even once you throw out the diaper, you are still going to smell it.

 Activated Charcoal is non toxic and cannot spill so it is safe and does not cause allergies.  If you have a really bad odor, move up and use the larger size odor absorber made for refrigerator odors  called Fridge It  at  fridgeit.com

So enjoy now you can enjoy the sweet smell of your baby and not the odors of their diapers and diaper pail. You can find odor absorbers at www.innofresh.com or email them a  info@innofresh.com

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