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Top way to get rid of fish odor

Fish odor and getting fish smells out of your house has been searched for on this blog more and more lately. There are four different types of fish odors.  The odor from fresh fish as you store it in your refrigerator, second when you fillet the fish, third is the odor after you have cooked the fish. The fourth is if you have a fish tank and it is not maintained and gets the fish aquarium smell and odor problem.

Fish stored in your refrigerator is going to smell. Even when very fresh. The older the fish, the more it will smell, if not stink.  Start off by always using an charcaol odor absorber.   When you have fish in the refrigerator, double or triple up on the absorbers, for the length of time they are stored in the refrigerator. If the fish juice drips, you are going to have to clean the refrigerator in addition to the odor absorber.

Filleting of fish, the boards you use, the way you dispose of the the trimmed parts, all relate to cleaning and fish odor, much like an onion smell.  First use a board to cut on that is of a material that can be washed on hot in your dish washer. Lay paper towels under the board to catch the fish gut and juice.  Then place all the trim and paper in a sealed Baggie when the fish is filleted. High heat wash the board and you should be good to go. If you still have odor, use an charcoal odor absorber.

Cooked fish odor does linger, so you need an odor absorber to trap the fish smell that is now in the air.  This is important to do, since you do not want odor transfer to happen to your cloths, furniture or carpets. Odor absorbers works well for any strong cooking odor, like fish, onions or garlic.  This advice also works on general cooking odor and getting rid of onion, garlic or other strong cooking smells in your house.

 The fish in your aquarium does get an odor when the algae builds up.  For that odor type  use 2 to 3 odor absorbers to keep the odor contained close to the tank.  If you stand next to the tank and you can smell odor, you need an odor absorber.  Remember the odor absorber is not to be put in the tank.  It is placed outside the tank or clipped on the outside  of the tank or on the table near the tank.

You can get the naturally activated charcoal odor absorbers that work for fish odor in cube or wafer  like Fridge It or Innofresh Pet Odor absorber from Innofresh products or if you need more information contact them by email at  info@innofresh.com

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