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Why does my ice taste like onions?

The question came up: Why does my ice taste like onions?  I was watching a show, when there was a line of the story that asked a question by one of the stars of the show:  Whey does my ice always taste like onions? 

I know that answer!!!   So here is the answer.  Ice absorbs odors, so if you have onions in your refrigerator, it is transferring into your ice. Or is some cases the ice machine as a plastic taste, that may tastes like onions.  So can you get your ice not to taste like onion and still keep food in your refrigerator and freezer?  YES!

If you use an activated charcoal odor absorber in your freezer and in your ice maker catch all, it will absorb the odor, thus not transferring the taste to your ice.  The ice will taste great and we can all stop questioning, why our ice tastes so bad.  An charcoal odor absorber that is made for this is called Fridge It.  It lasts up to 6 months and it works really well for odor and bad tasting ice problems.

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