Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Keeping your holiday decorations odor free

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are here and  then gone and when  it is time to store all the holiday items like Halloween costumes, table cloths from Thanksgiving and then putting away all the Christmas decorations, stockings, etc. throw a couple of FRIDGE IT odor absorbers in the bins and boxes to keep them smelling less musty when you take them out next year. 

Also, generally a good idea for storing with other thinks like linens, quilts, clothing, etc that you do not want to have an odor transfer occur while you store them.

If you take the items out of the storage box and they have an odor, then just place them in a draw with a few Fridge It odor absorbers and in a few days they should be odorless.

Top ways to remove refrigerator odors and ice that smells bad.

The smell coming from your refrigerator is a daily reminder each time you open the fridge door.

There are some top ways of getting rid of refrigerator odors .  The first is to get a Fridge It  odor absorber.  www.fridgeit.com It is easy to use, no moving parts and works.  It comes as purple cube or wafer with an activated charcoal odor absorber inside that you put in your refrigerator. It takes out the odors from your refrigerator and also works very well in your freezer for freezer taste and bad ice taste.

The other area that is to place a Fridge It is in each vegetable bid, it keeps the smells under control in that area of the refrigerator also.  It will not spill like other products.  The Fridge It odor absorber cube just hangs or is placed on the refrigerator shelf or in the ice bucket.

It works by the air flow that goes through the activated charcoal cube and the odors are trapped into the Naturally Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber. The package says in lasts six months and is under $4.00 for a cube. It is non toxic and is fragrance free.

The other way to remove odor is to put the Fridge It directly into the ice-maker catch bin and the ice cubes do not pickup freezer tastes or bad ice smells.  Fridge It worked great and the ice cubes taste was so much improved.  If your ice maker gives your ice odor or a bad smell this will work for that odor also.

Fridge It is manufactured by Innofresh Products and you can go to their web site www.innofresh.com or www.fridgeit.com.

Best Odor Elimination for Cars

Getting Safe Fragrance Free Odor Elimination for Odors in  my car is top of mind. I had odors grow  over time inside my car. These were a result of a number of things including my kids eating food in my car, that lead to drinks being spilled, then the dog in and out of my car and my mother in laws smoking in my car.  There are a number of products on the market that claim to get rid of odors but really cover the odors up with scents and fragrances.

Products say odor elimination, but when you read the label and they seem to mask odors with a  scented fragrance. Now, if you look at that with the warning statements on many of these products they say “keep out of reach of children and pets” and “may stain fabric and leather”. So with that warning those products don’t belong in my car.

I was looking for an odor absorber that would really work to get rid of the odor out without a fragrance. At Checker Auto they recommended Innofresh AUTO odor elimination. It is  activated carbon odor absorber that is fragrance free. So I picked up a few and used them in my car.  They really worked well, to keep my car smelling odor free and odor problem solved.

Teachers search for solutions to classroom odor elimination

Odor in the class room and odor eliminators for classrooms are a highly searched topics.  Musty classroom, classroom stinks, How do I get rid of odor in my classroom? or Best Ways to make my classroom odor free?  Are all on the minds of teachers at this point in the school year on what kind of odor absorber is needed.

Place 30 students, one teacher a teachers aide and various class pets and you will have odor.  Many of the classroom as are carpeted with indoor outdoor style carper, which wears well, but does hold odor in its fibers. Books will have a musty smell from  humidity and age. In an effort to save money, classrooms may only be surfaced cleaned on a daily basis and heavy cleaned only once or twice a year.

 Add students back packs that have been on the ground numerous times, muddy shoes, wet umbrellas, rain coats, boxes full of teach supplies also add to the odor issue.  So how do you get rid of the mustyschool room odor naturally, so you do not leave a scent that may bring on allergy issues for students, with odor absorbers that are fragrance free and non toxic and they cannot spill.  An average class room will be approx 20 x 40 and will need one odor absorber for every  6 x 6 area that needs odor elimination. Place then also near the trash and under the class room sink for added absorption. Pet cages need to have one or two depending on the pet and the back pack area needs to have several for odor absorbers.  I recommend Innofresh odor absorbers in wafer form for normal odor absorption and Fridge it odor absorbers for larger areas to get odors under control.

Mechanics in the auto and diesel industry need odor absorbers

Mechanics and auto diesel technicians have to deal with all sorts of odors of the auto technician trade.  I was looking at a great web site called Mechanics Schools Directory and looking at all the college choices you have to become a mechanic.  There are so many choices of schools to attend.  It then struck me, what I remembered was greasy smelly mechanics.  A real odor city.  When did that change? It certainly changed over the past few years.  When I now go into my dealership, they wear lab coats, everything is clean and odor free.  It is a good thing that the technicians are now so highly trained and make a great wage.  The uniforms are now clean, and a touch of grease if they have been working under a car. Most need to keep thier work area neat and odor free. So a Fridge It or two will take the odor out of the immediate work space.

Inside of cars always need some odor elimination. Thus an Innofresh odor eliminator or a Visor Fresh air freshener will get your car odor problem under control.

So check out that web site  www.mechanicschoolsdirectory.com  if you are thinking of getting trained as an automotive technician wit a career that cannot be outsourced.  For odor absorbers use Innofresh or Fridge it odor remover products.

Ecomomic troubles creates a need for odor control.

Perhaps we all have gone home to spend less money, to watch the new fall line up or just try to cut back from the go go of the past 8 years. What I have noticed for the past few weeks is we are staying close to home, we are eating as a family at family meals, unheard of… at least at our house. 

I have developed an urge to clean and sort and gain control back in my life.  If I cannot control the economics around me than I can do something to control what is around me, which is clutter and odor.

With that urge to clean comes odors that I have not encounterd in a long time.  I have cleaned closets with the need to get rid of the musty smell, kitchen cabinets to get rid of the smell of the wood that has always bothered me. The trash can, it needed a good washing and a change of odor absorber.  I have cleaned out the refrigerator, and freezer and added a new charcoal odor absorber to neutralize the odors.  I have cleaned the camping equipment and placed them away for the season with odor absorbers to help absorb the fire smell from our last camp out.

I sorted out the excesses of clothes that the kids have outgrown, that my waist line has out grown, or that I bought and never wore and now think it was a waste. I have aired out my closets, but more space to let the odors absorbers work in the closets. 

 I have washed my car and cleaned the inside, getting a new lilac scented air freshener for the car. My husband likes fragrance free, so he got an auto odor eliminator.

 I have cleaned out the pet crabs cage and the crab still smells, so I am back to 4 pet odor absorbers that keep the critters world and mine smelling clean.

I have cleaned my summer shoes and sneakers and placed a charcoal foot odor absorber for each shoe, so it will be fresh smelling all winter and when I need them again. 

I have teen age sons with “boy smell’ issues, I guess they had not been around much, but now I have added a larger sized odor absorber in each of their rooms and bathroom.  I cleaned out their gym bags and put new odor absorbers in each bag.

 I guess if I cannot control the economic troubles these days, I can sure get rid of my clutter and odors, that I chose to ignore and now are front and center. In these times I can control odor in my home and with my odor absorbers keeping my house and fairly odor free…  I am home…and home smells good.

Basketball players odors can be eliminated

I have gotten very good feedback on my football odor problems blog and suggestions.  I realized after attending my sons basketball game, that teen basketball players as well as professional and college basketball players face the same type of odor issues as do football players, baseball, soccer and hockey players.

The three main causes of basketball odor are the sneakers, that have nothing to do with body odor issues. When the sneakers get sweaty an odor builds up in each shoe that needs to be absorbed, to keep the shoes smelling neutral place a charcoal odor absorber in each basketball sneaker or shoe when not worn and this will easily take care of the odor issue, by absorbing the odors. 

The next area is the gym bag that carries the ball, clothes, uniform, towels and other assorted needs.  This odor grows over time and transfer the odors inside of he bag of what ever you have in the bag, including the basketball. That was the issue that I got a whiff of at my sons game , a basketball that smelled like BO and foot-odor.  The kid carried the ball past me and I almost passed out from the stench.

The third area is the uniform and even if washed takes on the odor from the things around it in the gym bag and locker.  All three of these odor issues can be quickly taken care of to gain odor control and get rid of the smells to the basketball players satisfaction and the spectators and coaches who get a whiff of the odor and smells during the basketball season.

 I recommend Fridge IT cube or wafer for larger odor absorber jobs, and Innofresh odor eliminators for shoes, sneakers, lockers or gym bags.  Each will do a good job of absorbing the odor and not allowing the odors to grow and transfer.