Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Teachers search for solutions to classroom odor elimination

Odor in the class room and odor eliminators for classrooms are a highly searched topics.  Musty classroom, classroom stinks, How do I get rid of odor in my classroom? or Best Ways to make my classroom odor free?  Are all on the minds of teachers at this point in the school year on what kind of odor absorber is needed.

Place 30 students, one teacher a teachers aide and various class pets and you will have odor.  Many of the classroom as are carpeted with indoor outdoor style carper, which wears well, but does hold odor in its fibers. Books will have a musty smell from  humidity and age. In an effort to save money, classrooms may only be surfaced cleaned on a daily basis and heavy cleaned only once or twice a year.

 Add students back packs that have been on the ground numerous times, muddy shoes, wet umbrellas, rain coats, boxes full of teach supplies also add to the odor issue.  So how do you get rid of the mustyschool room odor naturally, so you do not leave a scent that may bring on allergy issues for students, with odor absorbers that are fragrance free and non toxic and they cannot spill.  An average class room will be approx 20 x 40 and will need one odor absorber for every  6 x 6 area that needs odor elimination. Place then also near the trash and under the class room sink for added absorption. Pet cages need to have one or two depending on the pet and the back pack area needs to have several for odor absorbers.  I recommend Innofresh odor absorbers in wafer form for normal odor absorption and Fridge it odor absorbers for larger areas to get odors under control.

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