Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Simple odor solutions

Odor control, odor removal or what ever you call it, means you need it and you need it now. Something smells and you want the odor gone from your home, car or basement. Do you want to kill the odor or just make it go away and be odor free? If you are searching online for odor solutions it is has gone into a “must do”rather than “I will get to it soon”.  Odors have a way of doing that to you.

Which odor control product should you use? How come it is not as simple as a chart? I need a guide for simple odor solutions. Do I want it to have immerdiate odor control or do I want the odor control to be more long lasting?


Is it a house odor or a pet odor or perhaps a paint odor? Is the odor more to do with bad breath odor or body odor?  Smoke odor has it’s own issues, so does cat or dog urine odor. Bathroom odor needs a quick fix, while garage odor needs a longer term solution.


My girlfriend talks about feminine odor, my other friend talks about purse odor.  The world around me seem to be talking about odor. Getting rid of odor is top on their minds these days. So  I found a web site that they check out :  Fridge it  since they have solutions to many of thier odor issues.  They have more simple solutions than I have odors and that is a good thing.

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