Odor absorbers & air fresheners

What is with all the odor absorber questions this week. Stinky life set in?

 Whats up with odor absorber questions this week .  Did everybody stay home due to the recession and find out their house stinks or their fridge smells?.  Finally visit their teenage boys room to get a whiff of “Boy Smell”?

Here  is just a sample of the questions I got this week about odor and  asking if you could use Fridge It odor Absorbers   to get rid of the odors.  By the way it works great for all these odor issues.

The best ones this week are: How to get  rid of ice maker smell?  How to remove refrigerator taste?  How to remove smell from socks? 

My car stinks,  get rid of odor from bad smelling closet wood?   How to remove cigarette smell from purse?  How to get ice not to absorb freezer odor?  How to get rid of musty odor in luggage?  How to avoid gym bag smell or my gym bag stinks. 

 These they are the top odor elimination questions of the week and all can have the same answer.  Use an activated charcoal odor absorber like Innofresh odor eliminator or Fridge It odor absorber and it will trap the odors without adding another scent. Done, over and out.

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