Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Dieting with odor absorbers.

Dieting using odor absorbers? Just when I thought there was nothing new I could hear about ways to use odor absorbers, one my readers comes up with a new one.  Dieting with odor absorbers!  Yes you heard me, it was a key to her successful diet plan.

One of her biggest triggers for eating, was the smell of food in the fridge. When she opened the fridge, great smells would give her brain signals to eat and eat more.  The more she opened the fridge and got that whiff of food, the more her diet willpower would wane.

Her original diet plan was simple.  Always eat half portions and eat the second half at the next meal. Exercise and cut out sugar.  Sounded like a great plan, until the smell of the leftovers in the fridge was calling to her and was too much of a good smell for her. 

That when the odor absorbers came in to her diet plan.  She put 6 Fridge It odor absorbers in the fridge and food odors were gone and so  is 65 pounds. The same odor absorbers that absorb bad odors did the trick for good odors.  She noted that one would normally do for a fridge with odor problems, but she had a diet problem and wanted to be real sure the food smells would not be a issues.

So now she has an odor free fridge and diet on track.  Good job!

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