Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Blog about odor absorbers and air fresheners

This blog is about all aspects of odor and naturally activated charcoal odor absorbers, as well as other best ways to get rid of unwanted odors.  This blog does do reviews, paid and unpaid, and accepts products, thus for the new rules of blogging consider the information in that way.

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This blog can be found at:   http:// http://www.odorabsorbers.wordpress.com

Top odor areas that this blog will address are:

How to get rid of odors.

Best odor absorbers

Questions and answers about odors and air fresheners

Why you get bad odors

Smoke smells

Cigar odor

Pipe smell

Fiber smell

Musty smells

Pet odors

Car odors

Body smells and odors- Boy odors, girl odors

Cancer odors

Nursing home odors

Smelly purses

Bathroom  odor and smells

Cooking odor

Garbage stink

Under sink odors

Boat Odors

RV odors

Refrigerator smells and freezer odors

Ice maker smells

dorm room odors

closet  odors

dead mouse in wall smells

Food odors

and many more

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