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Fridge-It and Activated Charcoal. Why it does work so well.

FRIDGE-IT® Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber is a highly effective odor absorber that works because of its unique, powerful, porous activated carbon filter and air flow design.  It is dust Free and Fragrance Free.

 What is Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon is a natural material that has been treated at extremely high temperature that results in literally millions of microscopic holes and pores inside and on the surface that make activated carbon one of the most porous materials known. The same type of carbon is also used in water treatment facilities and medical devices.

What Makes FRIDGE-IT® Work So Well?

FRIDGE-IT’s unique, patented process then takes activated carbon through another step call porous technology blending into a single molded carbon element. The result is highly effective odor absorption without small granules, powders or even carbon dust. When odors come in contact with the activated carbon, they are literally absorbed and neutralized. The amazing property of activated carbon is its ability to absorb enormous amounts of gases (odors) relative to its size.

FRIDGE-IT is chemical free, safe and effective. The FRIDGE-IT brand is the trusted name and well recognized as an effective, safe, versatile odor absorber for the kitchen and all around the home. Completely unscented so it doesn’t cover up odors – it gets rid of them. It is the environmentally friendly odor absorber for use all around the home.

FRIDGE – IT PERFORMANCE MATRIX : Its odor control is better than Baking Soda, Other Odor Activated Carbon Absorbers, Powders, Odor Absorber granules, salts, gels and sprays.

 Most effective in eliminating refrigerator odors. It is a consumer preference since it is versatile, no spills, no chemical sprays or gels.  Utilizes Activated Carbon – natures most effective odor natural odor absorber. Has been around for over 15 years so it has high brand recognition and is  Made in U.S.A.

Watch Food Detective on Food Network – the 5-second rule on charcoal odor absorbers.
May 29, 2009, 3:12 am
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This episode is back and does a really great segment on activated charcoal as on odor absorber compared to baking soda. What is really exciting is at the end of the segment, Ted Allen holds up a purple cube and it is a Fridge It  activated charcoal odor absorber and says it is a good option for activated charcoal odor absorbers. Go Fridge It.
Dont’ miss the episode:
The 5-Second Rule
Episode OF0101Here is what it is about:  Can I really eat something off the floor if I pick it up in less than 5 seconds? How do I stop my mouth from burning after I’ve eaten spicy food? Is the baking soda in my fridge doing anything? Ted Allen and his culinary sleuths set out to prove the answers to these questions, once and for all!
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Simple odor solutions

Odor control, odor removal or what ever you call it, means you need it and you need it now. Something smells and you want the odor gone from your home, car or basement. Do you want to kill the odor or just make it go away and be odor free? If you are searching online for odor solutions it is has gone into a “must do”rather than “I will get to it soon”.  Odors have a way of doing that to you.

Which odor control product should you use? How come it is not as simple as a chart? I need a guide for simple odor solutions. Do I want it to have immerdiate odor control or do I want the odor control to be more long lasting?


Is it a house odor or a pet odor or perhaps a paint odor? Is the odor more to do with bad breath odor or body odor?  Smoke odor has it’s own issues, so does cat or dog urine odor. Bathroom odor needs a quick fix, while garage odor needs a longer term solution.


My girlfriend talks about feminine odor, my other friend talks about purse odor.  The world around me seem to be talking about odor. Getting rid of odor is top on their minds these days. So  I found a web site that they check out :  Fridge it  since they have solutions to many of thier odor issues.  They have more simple solutions than I have odors and that is a good thing.

How to get rid of luggage odor

Luggage odor remover- Fridge It     Luggage odor is common.  It depends on where it has been stored when not in use.  It depends on when you are using it, where it has been and where you have stayed.

Luggage odor when storing your bags can be easily taken care of by placing an activated carbon odor absorber like www.fridgeit.com inside the bag.  This will then absorb all the odor inside the bag and keep it smelling fresh until the next time you use it.

Depending on where the luggage is stored, a few odor absorbers hanging of placed on the bag or above the bag will do the job.  Many times the bags are stored in the garage and so is your garbage and the odors transfer to the luggage.

When you are traveling, the bags are placed with other bags piled high in the cargo areas of planes, which also carry, fruit, mail and other cargo, thus you are not only picking up the odor of other bags, but of what they are carrying that flight.  Also remember that the loading and unloading of bags is done in the open, so rain, humidity, heat and tar mack smell can all be picked up by the luggage. 

Once you get to the hotel and you drop your luggage on the floor and fail to see the carpet has just been cleaned so it is damp and also a scent was added to the carpet, which is now dried into your bag.  If the hotel is musty that will also transfer.  That type of odor can also be taken care of with a  product like www.innofresh.com charcoal odor absorber flat wafer style.  You can travel with it, use it in your luggage and also make your room smell better. 

If you are in a cruise ship there is ocean odors that can turn your bag to smelling rancid by the end of the trip.  Then the room smells and you think it is the room and it is really your luggage.

So for luggage odors use a Naturally activated Charcoal odor absorber like Fridge It www.fridgeit.com cube or water or email info@innofresh.com

Why activated carbon works well as an odor aborber.

  What is activated carbon and why does it work so well?
 I asked why the Activated Carbon works so well and was told it is a natural, environmentally safe, charcoal that is treated with steam at an extremely high temperature that results in a material that is filled with millions of microscopic holes and pores inside and on the surface that make activated carbon one of the most porous materials known. 


I learned that just one gram of activated carbon has the surface area of the the size of two tennis courts.  This gives it the ability to absorb enormous amounts of odors out of the air resulting in clean fresh air for such a small product in size.   



I really like the product and the activated carbon in Innofresh  www.innofresh.com and Fridge It odor absorber www.fridgeit.com products have these microscopic pores that really eliminate odors . The surface area is important since it is the best way to capture odors.   As odors pass through our ventilated activated carbon filters it also “pulls” odors from the air holding them secure in its micro pockets.   When odors pass through our filter, they are attached to the carbon pores and are trapped.  They have a  patented design and innovative ventilated air flow that allows for the optimal passage of air through the maximum surface area.  The result is a highly effective odor absorber without small granules, powders and carbon dust usually found with other carbon products.   So that is why it works so well. Amazing!  For more information contact customerservice@innofresh.com or www.innofresh.com  or call 602-866-0411