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Fridge It odor absorber has information on odor eliminators

Check this out.  Fridge It  has a new landing page that is easy to use and easy to order from.  It even has a video that a TV station did that gave it 5 stars for does Fridge It work?  Yes…. it did and see for yourself.  It also has section for Pet odor absorbers and Car odor absorber’s.  This also features the following information :

Fragrance and Allergen FREE
Odor Elimination!

The Fridge-It Odor Eliminator uses advanced activated carbon technology in a clean and safe cube to eliminate refrigerator smells for up to 4 months! This innovative odor eliminator works against smells and offensive odors by trapping scent particles instead of just covering them up. The Fridge-it odor eliminator has been featured on many news programs as well as The Food Network as a leader in odor elimination!

But the odor eliminator power doesn’t stop there! Fridge-it cubes are irritant free and pet-safe so these fast-acting odor eliminators can be used throughout the house to combat pet odor, smoke odor, cat odor, and even car odor! Just hang this convenient odor-busting cube wherever you need reinforcements and let the odor elimination begin!

The same great company that brought you the Fridge-It Odor Eliminator also has a complete line of odor eliminator and air freshener products for your entire home or business! Innofresh Products, Inc. now offers a complete line that includes: Pet Odor Eliminator, Car Odor Eliminator, Sports Odor Eliminator Car Odor Eliminator, and Smoke Odor Eliminator! Don’t suffer through bad smells or drown in perfumed air fresheners anymore! Order your Fridge-It Odor Eliminator today!


How to get rid of carpet and rug odor

I get a lot of requests to the blog to address carpet and rug odor and how to get rid or is it possible to absorb odors with Fridge it odor absorbers. Yes it does work as an odor absorber for carpets.

There is a simple explanation for odors in the carpet and it has not to do with the top level cleaning for dirty carpet,  it has to do with dirt and liquids such as urine going down into the carpet fiber, carpet backer and into the padding.

 Most carpets that are cleaned get the surface dirt, some steam clean gets the fiber soil, but not much gets the padding clean.  The issue is when a carpet is cleaned the moisture wicks down and forces the moisture into the padding layer, the stain and odor stays and the odors returns in short time.  The other issue is that most use spray a fragrance in the carpet cleaning product or in the stain resistance spray they add after cleaning.  This to some is not a pleasant smell and they describe it as odor.

The first issue is to determine the type of odor, if it is a pet stain, then you need to carpet clean all layers and then use a odor absorber to collect the odor and trap it.

If it is a musty smell or cigarette smell in the rug, then a few odor absorbers should do the job.

If it is general traffic dirt on your carpet, then a cleaning of the carpet is all you will need. If it is body odor, then an air-freshener or odor absorber in addition to the cleaning is needed.

If it is a spilled drink or bottle, like milk or soda.  Clean the spot and use an odor absorber to gather up the odors and get them trapped at the localized level. Milk or baby formula that is spilled will have a sour smell forever and will grow over time with heat or humidity.

If the issue is mold or water damaged carpet then professional help is needed, including removing the pad, repacing carpet and treating the cement. In that case, once treatment is done, then the sour smell can be controlled with odor absorbers.

If it is ground in food, clean the area of the carpet and use an odor absorber to gather the odor up. 

For carpets, I recommend the wafer odor absorber products, like Innofresh odor eliminator, or for bigger areas use Fridge It Charcoal odor cubes.  Figure one to two is needed for each 8′ x 10′ area.  I place them under the couch, or under the coffee table, to be sure they get the odor captured close to the source. Give it 24 hours and you should be smelling odor free.

Dorm pot odor elimination

It amazed me to see how many searches to my blog I get for info on the topic of Dorm Pot odor.  I assume you are looking for ways to get rid of the odor, or mask the smoke odor once smoked?  Not the smell of growing pot or bags of pot?  I guess you will need to be more clear in your search terms.

The advice I use for odor removal is what I say for cigarettes.   When smoke in any form is involved, it is not good for you, for your clothes, carpets, curtains or bedding.

With that said, cigarette smoke as well as other types of smoke do tend to linger and get into your rugs, clothes and bedding.  Thus just when you are out in a bar that allows smoking and even if you do not smoke, you come home smelling like an ash tray, the same holds true for small dorm rooms when there is no window or door to open and clear the air.  The air has to circulate to get the odor to reduce.


If the goal is not to have people smell the smoke dor, who are you kidding, they smell it!  Odor elimination takes time and a room with a heavy smoke smells it can take 8 to 12 hours to pull enough of the smoke smell out of the room, so it is not noticeable. 

Also the number of charcoal odor absorbers you use will make a big difference.  Most likely a 10 x 12 room will require 4 to 6 Fridge Its  www.fridgeit.com ,  where a closet or smaller space one or two. One will not cut it.

Winter proofing your home from odors.

Fall and Winter are around the corner and so is winterizing your get away place so it will be in good shape for next year or getting your year round home ready for closed windows and heating will require using odor absorbers.

Besides the cleaning up, stowing away, cleaning out the refrigerator, closets and making room in the garage and basement for boats, RV’s or sport bikes, this process leads to how to stop winters musty smells and odors from getting in the furniture, linens, carpet, curtains and refrigerator.

In your process of winterizing or winter proofing, think of the odor and must and how to get rid of it through out the fall and winter. Try using a activated charcoal odor absorber in several areas.  For larger areas you you can leave baking pans filled with charcoal, (not brickettes) to absorb the smells that will get released as the temperatures cools in rooms. Place the charcoal on a flat tray and evenly spread out the charcoal, place in an area where it will be left alone and not spilled.  Under a bed, on the top of the kitchen counter,  in the fire place.  I assume you know this is treatment is not to be lit.

For enclosed area, such as  closets, storage rooms, linen closets, garages, basements, under sinks in refrigerators, freezers,  bathrooms, kitchen cabinets or in boats or other areas you are tarping Fridge It cube charcoal odor absorbers or Innofresh flat wafer odor absorbers will absorb the odors.  These areas need a odor product that will not tip over or spill or have a mess.  So the when looking for a natural “no mess or spill” solution, this is the products I want to recommend.  Since they last for around 4 to 6 months, they have a lot of long lasting odor absorbing power.

Another good place for a Fridge It is in the empty trash barrel, this will absorb the odors all winter long. A refrigerator that is unplugged all winter and closed and have quite the smell, so again another good winterizing tip. Also in your everyday fridge, since you cook more hearty foods in the winter, that create more odor.

The other key place for winter odor is foot odor. Use a footware absorbers placed into your shoes to get the summer odor out of them and make them better for the next time you come to vacation.

Add naturally activated charcoal odor absorber to your winterizing shopping list. For more information on odor absorbers, contact via email at customerservice@innofresh.com or visit their web site www.innofresh.com.

Top ways to eliminate pet odors in the air.

We all love our pets, but there are odor issues that come with your aminals no matter what pet you have.

How to get rid of pet odor in the air is often searched for answers on my blog. So here are the the areas to look for to get rid of the odors. Pet odors have a variety of challenges when it come to clearing the air in your house or car. The first thing is to determine the source of the odor problem.

What is causing the odor?  Look for the source of the odor or see if it is a generalized overall bad smell.  Look at the litter box, does it have litter box odor? Cages or places where the animal lives and goes to the bathroom.  This includes the carpet area since some animals will use a carpet at their potty area. Be sure they are cleaned regularly.  That is the first place to clean to start to gain control of an odor problems.

 How many pets do you have?  One dog has a very different in the odor level than say three.  One cat or five cats will multiply the odors. Pet dander, length of fur, saliva,  animal markings will all add to your pet odor problem.  Use a naturally activated carbon odor absorber for absorbing the smells.

Look to see of the problem is an odor or a smell?  An odor would come from specific area like from urine, poop or the materials you have used to catch the problem, such as a litter box or papers on the floor or in the cage.  These need to be cleaned, washed and removed, before you can get effective odor absorption. Has the animal used your carpet of furniture to go to the bathroom? Does your animal get up on furniture?  Do they use your drapes to rub up against?  All of these activities will keep the odor level high.

An odor will continue to bother you when you are in the house and you do not get use to the specific odor the longer you are in the room.  HINT: Check under the beds, furniture, you pet may have left you a present that you are not aware of. If after you checked for presents, you need to determine if it could be a dead mouse in the wall or mold in the wall.

A smell will come from an overall odor in the house, that is noticeable and then fades as you are in hte room longer and get use to  the smell. If it is a smell and it is noticeable when you enter the house, then not as time goes on.  It is most likely a fur or the carpet smell of the animal that needs to be attended to.

 Does the animal sleep in bed with you?  if so your bed linins and pads need to be washed. If the matress has been stained, then you will need to replace the mattress.

Does the animal get up on your furniture. If so then a fabric odor remover or an odor absorber like innofresh will do the job.

What type of pet is it?  If the pet is a dog  then you must use different odor treatments than a cat.  If it is a cat or other type of per like , reptiles such as snake, or mice or gerbils.  Birds and fish require yet another type of treatment.  A fragrance free non toxic odor absorber will do the trick to get the odors out.  However, dogs will try to eat the odor absorbers, so it is not recommended for dogs, unless you can keep it our of their reach.

A scented air freshener will do a short term cover up to make the room smell better, I prefer the Natural charcoal odor absorbers, such as Fridge it or Innofresh to have the odors absorbers, instead of covered up.  You can contact www.innofresh.com or email:  customerservice@innofresh.com , or call 602-866-0411 to find a place to buy the charcoal odor absorbers near you.

Five top ways to eliminate and remove odors.
July 21, 2008, 1:50 am
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Five top ways to  eliminate and remove odors.

Odors can come in all types and levels.  The best way is to understand the underlying odor what is to find out what is causing  the odor . This identification of the smell will then lead to planning a strategy to remove the offending odor, either through odor removal  with odor absorbers or to overlay a smell to mask the odor with a scented air freshener, so the odor is masked.

There are five top ways to eliminate odor and there are different types of odors and solutions. The best solution will depend on the smell or odor and what is causing or had caused the odor.

Some odor removing products actually pull the odors or smells out of air.  Some products replace the smell with another smell on going. Some products are in spray form for masking temporary smells. Some products pull moisture out of the air to reduce a dampness and that will lessen the smell.  Some others are sprays that masks the smell and works with the fabric or carpet to freshen the fiber.

Innofresh Odor Absorbers

Innofresh Odor AbsorbersFridge It used to absorb odors in refrigerators

1: Activated Charcoal Odor Absorbers: Are a natural and fragrance free  odor absorber solution : Using Activated Charcoal filters.  Such as Fridge It  www.fridgeit.com or Innofresh odor eliminators www.innofresh.com .

The odor absorption  is in the filter and thus traps the smell out of the air into the filter, so the odor or smell is gone.  This would be used in odor in refrigerators, freezers, sneakers, autos, RV’s , closets, basements, laundry rooms and trash, foot odor, pet odor and litter box odor.

 2: Air fresheners: Such as Visor Fresh or other scented air fresheners for infusing a smell into cars, boats, bathrooms ect.

3: Air freshening sprays: such as  Glade or Ecco Mist Air Fresheners which is a spray to mask the odors, in bathrooms is a natural way.

4: Moisture absorbers: Such as Damp Rid which pull moisture out of the air, which reduces the musty smell factor in a room or basement.

5:  Spray on  fresheners:  Such as Febreze which is a fabric freshener that attaches to the fabric which chanages  the smell on fabric, cloths and carpet.

The best options is when you totally remove the odor  and  it is even better if you eliminate odors instead of masking them.  Also check out if it is non toxic and what is the mess factor of each product. Using a product that traps and eliminates lingering odors like food spill, pets and other musty odors needs to be done without overpowering fragrances, especially important if you have allergies.

The length of time the odor remover or odor eliminator works is a key consideration when you want to remove odor ongoing. These are the top five ways to eliminate and remove odors.

 The odor absorbers, Fridge It , Innofresh or Visor Fresh in photo can be ordered  from www.innofresh.com , email at info@innofresh.com or call customer service at: 602-866-0411.