Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Top odor problems for autos and trucks

Cars and trucks have their own odor issues.  I have had many come to this blog looking for odor elimination solutions for cars, trucks and pick ups.


The areas that they are searching to get rid of cigarette smoke, cigar smoke and pipe odors.  They also are looking for how to get rid of trunk odor of various kinds.  They also look for odor elimination in cars from pet smells and of course the “I eat in my car and it now stinks”, how do I get the smell out of my car. 

A few have asked about spilled milk or getting rid of milk odor.  A few have also asked about musty odor smells from water getting in the car or musty smells from mud or hunting or camping equipment that were lift in the car and now the car stinks.  The most unusual ones to me are the how do I get dead mouse or animal smell in the car or truck?


There are basically a few options to get rid of your car, truck or pick up odor problems, this also applies to RV’s.:

1:  Clean out the car, bring it to a car wash and vacuum out the garbage is the base line.

2: Deturmine the source of the odor.  If it can be washed and cleaned out, do that.  If it is has been cleaned and it still stinks and you cannot get to the stink out then we are going to need to use an air freshener or auto odor eliminator.

3: For odors that you want to mask with a scent you choose, use Visor Fresh auto air fresheners,  www.innofresh.com.  They have a scent in the plastic that has a long lasting fragrance release.

4: For odor elimination use  Innofresh odor eliminator which is fragrance free, so no scent is added and you get rid of your odor, since it absorbs the odor. You may need to use several depending on the odor. You can get them at: Innofresh Auto Odor Eliminator at  Checker Auto, Schucks Auto, Kragen Auto, Murrys Auto.  it will work for more than auto, just branded auto for the auto segment and the manufacuter knows you may be looking where ever there is inventory to buy  or contact the manufacturer by email at customerservice@innofresh.com or their web site at www.innofresh.com.

Pipe, Cigar and Tobacco smoke stink up a room

A common search is for something to get rid of Pipe odor, cigar smell or cigarette smoke from a room or a car.  Even after the person has smoked the smell lingers. 

Several readers of the blog are looking for ways to get the smell out of old books and magazines, which years later still smell like the person was still smoking in the room.

 How many times have you entered a car fo someone who smokes and it smells like an ash tray?

The decision is whether to use an air freshener to change the odor in the room or car, or to absorb the odor so it is gone.  The decision is  easy, if you can close off the area than use an odor absorber like Fridge it,   www.fridgeit.com  that will take the smell out of the air.  It the area is big and expansive, use a air freshener, spray or scented product.


For books with a smoke odor,  put the books in a baggie, leave air in the bag and seal it with 3 Innofresh odor absorbers, www.innofresh.com .  The odor in the book will be reduced if not gone altogether. 

For refrigerators, use 1 fridge it,  www.fridgeit.com for small odors and you may need up to 3 if the stink is really bad.  Also clean out the refridge if it smells that bad. For regular sized rooms it may take 3 or 4 Fridge Its to clear the odor quickly, or 1 if you have more time.