Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Getting rid of Guitar Case and Music Case Odor

Have a guitar or any music instrument with strong music case odor, or a smoky or musty case smell that won’t air out?  Use Fridge It odor absorbers to get the smell out. Fridge It is made of natural activated charcoal,  it is non toxic, non staining and is fragrance free.  Fridge It works to eliminate odors in any enclosed dry area.  Place the  Fridge It odor absorber inside the case and close it up for 24 to 48 hours. It will absorb the case odors inside.  To absorb outside case odor, create an enclosed area by placing the dry case in a large garbage bag with the odor absorber(s) and seal the bag.  It won’t work for a wet case. It may take a few odor absorbers if the odor is really bad.

Fridge It is the same product that absorbs odors from inside refrigerators and freezers.  The activated carbon charcoal filter can absorb and trap the odors in any enclosed space with airflow,  just like it does a fridge.  It also works great for pet, closet, car or room odors.

Getting rid of bad smell in instrument case.

Getting rid of a bad smell coming from an instrument case is a common problem. The cases for guitars and for other instruments, especially instruments with reeds or mouth pieces is a common odor problem for music instrument  cases.

The odors can be eliminated easily and the problem taken care quickly of with an activated charcoal odor absorber like Fridge It or Innofresh.   They are fragrance free and non toxic and cannot spill or stain.  It also does a good job for drum cases, guitar cases, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet or flute case that have odor problems.  Marching bands and sport teams have many uses for the odor absorbers in various ways for equipment storage cases, music book smell and band room odors.

 The odor absorbers also work for smelly purse or brief case odor.  As well as, gym bags and other bags that need odor elimination. Activated charcoal works well on these odors and can absorb and trap odors from 4 to 6 month with one cube or wafer.