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Commercial Air Fresheners, Industrial Odor Eliminators, Janitorial Supplies

Commercial and Industrial Odor Solutions have their own needs in larger spaces. Fridge It  does a great job for commercial odor programs with Naturally Activated charcoal odor absorbers.

Innofresh Products, Inc. offers a full range of commercial odor solution products and value-added service programs designed to improve the air quality of your food and beverage operations. It is chemical free, non-spill, non-toxic, unscented activated carbon technology is perfect for a variety of odor elimination applications including reach-in and walk-in coolers, display case refrigerated merchandisers and deli cases.

Odor solutions that are ideal for business and industry, hospital, college and hospitality food service as well as restaurants, café’s, snack shops for both front of the house merchandisers as well as back of the house commercial refrigeration units. Innofresh Products, Inc. can provide you with a customized solution to reduce cross odor contamination and improve your food storage and food display environments.

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Commercial Air Fresheners, Industrial Odor Eliminators, Janitorial Supplies | Innofresh Products Inc..

How to get rid of carpet and rug odor

I get a lot of requests to the blog to address carpet and rug odor and how to get rid or is it possible to absorb odors with Fridge it odor absorbers. Yes it does work as an odor absorber for carpets.

There is a simple explanation for odors in the carpet and it has not to do with the top level cleaning for dirty carpet,  it has to do with dirt and liquids such as urine going down into the carpet fiber, carpet backer and into the padding.

 Most carpets that are cleaned get the surface dirt, some steam clean gets the fiber soil, but not much gets the padding clean.  The issue is when a carpet is cleaned the moisture wicks down and forces the moisture into the padding layer, the stain and odor stays and the odors returns in short time.  The other issue is that most use spray a fragrance in the carpet cleaning product or in the stain resistance spray they add after cleaning.  This to some is not a pleasant smell and they describe it as odor.

The first issue is to determine the type of odor, if it is a pet stain, then you need to carpet clean all layers and then use a odor absorber to collect the odor and trap it.

If it is a musty smell or cigarette smell in the rug, then a few odor absorbers should do the job.

If it is general traffic dirt on your carpet, then a cleaning of the carpet is all you will need. If it is body odor, then an air-freshener or odor absorber in addition to the cleaning is needed.

If it is a spilled drink or bottle, like milk or soda.  Clean the spot and use an odor absorber to gather up the odors and get them trapped at the localized level. Milk or baby formula that is spilled will have a sour smell forever and will grow over time with heat or humidity.

If the issue is mold or water damaged carpet then professional help is needed, including removing the pad, repacing carpet and treating the cement. In that case, once treatment is done, then the sour smell can be controlled with odor absorbers.

If it is ground in food, clean the area of the carpet and use an odor absorber to gather the odor up. 

For carpets, I recommend the wafer odor absorber products, like Innofresh odor eliminator, or for bigger areas use Fridge It Charcoal odor cubes.  Figure one to two is needed for each 8′ x 10′ area.  I place them under the couch, or under the coffee table, to be sure they get the odor captured close to the source. Give it 24 hours and you should be smelling odor free.

Hotel rooms musty smell absorbed.

I saw a reply to what to do about musty smelling hotel rooms and was pleased to find that Fridge It has been elevated to 5 star hotel status use by hotel cleaning departments.

Here is their comment:  “I know some of the staff at a large 5 star hotel in the cleaning department
and their secret was a product they use called FRIDGE IT.  It is a little purple cube – activated carbon odor absorber that they place in all the closets and mini-fridge units in the rooms to absorb the musty smells.   It is totally unscented which is what they really like.   I got my hands on a couple of them and it really
does work great.  I use it in fridge, under my sink, clipped onto trash and even
in my closets.”

   Love it .


Who knew….Did not know people where trying so hard to get their hands on a couple.  I guess the guest are seeing them and taking them home to try.  So it works on musty smelling hotel rooms and guest refrigerators.

Look for it at: www.fridgeit.com or email at : info@fridgeit.com