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Can you buy Fridge It in a local store?
January 16, 2009, 2:42 pm
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You can now buy Fridge It  odor absorbers directly on-line at www.fridgeit.com .  You can buy Fridge It in local retail stores at Camping World and Sur La Table.  Fridge It is also sold in military commissaries around the US.  It is also carried in various specialty stores  and supermarkets that order their inventory from Harold’s wholesale. You can also buy on-line at the manufactures website: Innofresh.com.

The product Fridge It is a well known and trusted odor absorber, since it was carried and sold for over 10 years at WalMart on clip strips and in the kitchen department, but is not currently being carried there.  It was also sold at Linens n Things, Boaters world, for years, but now sell direct to consumers.

Fridge It  is made in the USA in a plant that hires and trains adult with disabilities. So not only can you know that  you are buying a product that really works, when you buy Fridge It  it supports and keeps these adults with disabilities gainfully working right here in the USA .

It is also available to be shipped online to US, Canada and England .