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Dorm pot odor elimination

It amazed me to see how many searches to my blog I get for info on the topic of Dorm Pot odor.  I assume you are looking for ways to get rid of the odor, or mask the smoke odor once smoked?  Not the smell of growing pot or bags of pot?  I guess you will need to be more clear in your search terms.

The advice I use for odor removal is what I say for cigarettes.   When smoke in any form is involved, it is not good for you, for your clothes, carpets, curtains or bedding.

With that said, cigarette smoke as well as other types of smoke do tend to linger and get into your rugs, clothes and bedding.  Thus just when you are out in a bar that allows smoking and even if you do not smoke, you come home smelling like an ash tray, the same holds true for small dorm rooms when there is no window or door to open and clear the air.  The air has to circulate to get the odor to reduce.


If the goal is not to have people smell the smoke dor, who are you kidding, they smell it!  Odor elimination takes time and a room with a heavy smoke smells it can take 8 to 12 hours to pull enough of the smoke smell out of the room, so it is not noticeable. 

Also the number of charcoal odor absorbers you use will make a big difference.  Most likely a 10 x 12 room will require 4 to 6 Fridge Its  www.fridgeit.com ,  where a closet or smaller space one or two. One will not cut it.