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10 Top ways to get rid hurricane odor

How to control the odors after hurricanes is a huge issue that the readers of my blog are asking about. The news of big hurricane hitting the gulf coast,  Florida and now Texas reminded me to tell you of the lessons learned about odor and odor control from Katrina.  In talking with the manufacturer of Fridge It and Innofresh Odor Eliminator that during the last big hurricane disaster the numbers of calls for the Fridge It cubes  and Innofresh Odor Eliminators was tremendous.  They had to go into additional production for months after the storm.

The reason  to consider a naturally activated charcoal odor absorbers is:

 1: Simply it works by absorbing large amounts of odor in the porous charcoal. Natures best odor absorbing material carbon. Fridge It has taken it and added advanced porous technology and air flow design for maximum odor absorption.  Even after the electric is back on and you clean out the refrigerator, it will still stink.  Thus they get many calls weeks after the storm for Fridge It odor absorbers.

2: The Charcoal traps odor and more importantly neutralizes air borne odor, not mask them with a scented spray.

3: The Innofresh odor eliminators or the Fridge It Cube odor absorbers requires no battery or electricity, so it can be put to work absorbing odors right away, even before the electricity can be turned back on.

4: It is non toxic and completely safe.

5: It is cheap, under $5 for each cube or flat wafer.

6; The odor control does not mask the odor with a strong scent that may aggravate allergies.

7: It is a convenient size. 3″ x 3″ or smaller , so you can use many around the house and not have it seem obvious.

8: It last 4 to 6 months, so this will keep on working for you.

9:  It works on all sorts of odors: refrigerator odor and freezer smells. smoke from cigarettes, food spills, pets, dead mouse smell and other musty odors a hurricane will create.  It will not work on mold or things that are actually water damaged or water soaked, you need professional help for that type of extraction. Once the water has been extracted, and a mold spray has happened, then the odor absorbers are effective.

10: It works well if you use it in the plastic bags to protect or water proof your clothes you saved and want to protect during the clean up process. You toss a Fridge It cube or Innofresh wafer odor abosrber into the plastic bag and sealed the bag and the clean clothes stay odor free. 

As the house dries out, and the odors start, putting non effected clothes and linens, toys and other things you do not want to damage in the dry out process in sealed bags with an odor absorber will prevent the odors from transferring to those items.

For those looking for the product, you can get them on line at the stores listed on the left links on the side of this blog that say buy or at retail at:   Your can buy Fridge It retail  at:   Camping World, Sur La Table and at US Military Commissaries across the county.  Yes military base stores.

As  Innofresh Auto odor absorber at auto supply stores: Checker Auto, Schucks, Auto, Kragen Auto, Murrys Auto.  It will work for more than auto, just focused on auto for the auto segment and the manufacuter knows you may be looking whereever there is inventory to buy or contact the manufacturer by email at customerservice@innofresh.com or their web site at www.innofresh.com.  They can also ship direct to you in lots of 6, 12 24 or case lots or more or direct you to on line stores that carry it if you want less than 6 at a time.

How to get rid of dead mouse smell in wall.

If you want to get rid of the odor of having a dead mouse die in your closet or in the wall, that 6 Fridge It odor absorbers   works well. www.fridgeit.com placed in the closet will take care of the smell until the mouse is decomposed and no longer smelling.  The reviews say that it did the job to take care of odors of dead mouse or other small animals that my die in the wall or die in the closet.

Another person thought her problem was a dead mouse and it turned out to be mold, thus the Fridge It did not work as well since the mold was growing.  She had to get a specialist for that mold problem. 

So Fridge It is great for a dead mouse smell if it is really bad odor you may need to use up to 6 cubes, not so good for mold which needs professional treatment in addition to using a odor absorbers.  You can contact at www.Innofresh.com or email info@Innofresh.com or call customer service at 602-866-0411.