Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Eliminating odors naturally with odor absorbers for eco friendly homes.

Finding ways to eliminating odors naturally for Eco friendly houses is a big topic these days. It does not matter if you are living in a house, cottage, apartment, condo or dorm, odor problems are a real part of your living.   It also does not matter if you live in the city, a small town or in the country. You will experience some type of odor problem. It might be from your closest, a pet, cooking, baby diapers, fridge, freezer, sneakers or a dead mouse that died in your wall. When odors come, they must go.  When it get noticeable those odors need to go fast.

You can spend a lot of money and time checking out different types of products such as sprays, plug ins, diffusers to eliminate or cover odors and keep your home smelling fresh. These types of solutions are temporarily by masking the odor with fragrance, rather than actually getting rid of the smell or odor. You need an odor absorber.

When you want to get rid of the odors in your home, check this out. Use a Fridge It Odor Absorber in each room and closet. Fragrance free and non toxic. Use will notice the difference immediately. If the odor persists then you must do cleaning at source of the odor, such as a spills or cleaning clothes. litter tray or closets will need to be done.

Check out the Innofresh web site for all sorts of odor absorbing advice and tips.

Fridge It passed the “Does it work test” at a TV station test


I got a lead from a reader of the blog to say had I seen the clip on You tube about Fridge IT. That a TV station had done their own test called- Does it work test on Fridge It.  That it was posted on You tube.  With some searching, yes!!!! there was a terrific piece that verified, what I have been blogging about. The station thought Fridge It did so well they gave it 4 stars on their – Does it work segment.

So click on the link below to check it out.



I asked the manufacture if you could still buy it at Walmart and they said Walmart carried it for over 12 years and it currently not, but they may have some in the kitchen section, so ask at the stores and they might bring it back if they get enough demand. 


If not,  contact via email at: orders@fridgeit.com , or web site  www.fridgeit.com ,  602-866-0411 and they can tell you where go get it.

Top ways to get rid of baby diaper pail odor

You give birth to a really sweet baby, so cute, smells so good after a bath and then…. they poop. Now it is bad enough cleaning up the poop, wiping and turning that diaper into a folded up stink stick.  You then take it and throw it in the diaper pail and gag.  I mean I gagged more with diaper smells than I ever did with morning sickness.

Now add pee to the mix and the pungant smell spreads each time you open up the lid.  P.U. So I added this to my odor absorber test.  Could Fridge-It  www.fridgeit.com get rid of that odor?


I asked a friend of mine with a new baby to give it the 5 day sniff test.  She left the diapers in the pail for 5 days. Oh my gosh.  It stunk to high heaven. Then we places a Fridge It into the pail and came back in 4 hours.  It was so much better.  The stink was lessened.  By the morning it was almost gone.  Added a second one to the pail and that took care of the smell of diapers.  I was thrilled  and more important, she was thrilled.


So yes it works wonders to get rid of diaper pail odor. If you cannot find it email info@fridgeit.com