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How to get the odor out of older or foreclosed homes

I was talking with a woman this morning who was saying that she has been going to Realtor open houses on homes that are going into foreclosure. The first thing she cannot get over when she enters the house is the smell,.  She said they all have an offensive odor, like of pets, stink and worst.  She said the houses I am seeing all have a terrible odor of old and musty. The bad smells need to be removed and cleaned up.  The odors make the house seem dirty.

 Also  I am seeing many houses for sale that are just old houses that the owners are tyring to sell since they are getting older.  Most smell like the old people who live there. She went on to say even when I try to picture the house renovated, the smell turns me off.


I told her they need to use a charcoal odor absorber like Fridge It.  It should come standard in a Realtors bag of trick to sell a house.  She said, yes,  spread the word since some  realtors are trying to mask the smell  by using stinky candles or sprays.  It just does not do the job. She will keep looking since a fresh and clean smelling house is what she is looking for.


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