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Prevent allergies with natural odor elimination
September 6, 2008, 4:50 am
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Are you Allergy sensitive to odor elimination products? The goal is to get rid of odor or that sour smell in your house.

Fragrances from gels sprays, plug ins and oils can cause issues to those with allergies. Allergen Free options are available with activated carbon filters like the Innofresh line  www.innofresh.com that do not disperse irritants into the air. They absorb odors and are fragrance free, non toxic and nothing to spill.

Irritants can linger in the air causing allergic reactions long after they are sprayed or opened.  Ever notice when you go into a car with a fragrance air freshener you start sneezing?  Ah Ha or more likely Ah Choo.

 Keep your nose and lungs clear and open, and still eliminate odors instead of creating irritants that make you feel bad due to fragrances.  If you spray in the air,  you are in-hailing it through your nose.

Refrigerator odor removal?

Here is another blogger talking about where to get Fridge It.


Refrigerator Odor removal?

Where can I get Fridge It activated carbon odor absorbers at retail stores? After trying everything including baking soda- vinegar- coffee grinds- newspaper- etc. Even tried carbon for fish tanks. I finally found a product worth raving about – FRIDGE IT odor absorber. My problem now is where to buy it again I asked this question before- but got answers like find the source of odor. I know where it comes from – fish- cheese- etc. Also- baking soda does not work. Need help. Anyone else use this product. I love it so kudos to company that makes it.

all ebooks: Hey wounded duck??.


You can contact the the company at www.fridgeit.com or email at customerservice@innofresh.com , 602-866-0411 and they can tell you where to buy in your area or via mail or web.