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5 ways to avoid travel odor

I had a search for an odor absorber that you could take with you out of the country. The question came from a reader who was traveling to India and said the smells are just horrible and have a bad sink to her nose.  The hotel rooms smelled really bad, like bad body odor and curry spice.

 So she was wondering if Fridge It did such a good job for her house and refrigerator, could she bring them with her when she traveled and use the odor abosbers in the hotel room or on a bus or in a meeting room? 

The answer is yes!

1: You can travel with them since there is no spill and non- toxic and not flammable.

2: You need to take them out of the packaging and place them in a plastic zip baggie that can be opened for inspection, but also reseal them in the bag, so it will not be absorbing smells of your luggage. Unless you want that. Some use them in the suit case to keep clothes smelling odor free during the travel process.

3: There are versions made just for your luggage, ( flat wafers, ) so that the odor of your last location is not carried to your next destination.

4: They also can be placed on the hotel draws to prevent odor transference to your clothes or can take smoke smell out of the clothes to extend ware.

5: I some time take 6 out and put them all in one room and it is amazing to me how the air smells so fresh and clean.  So multiples may be needed to absorb odors in a short time frame.

So yes, bring Fridge It and let us know how it worked.  If you have any other questions about traveling with Fridge It contact the manufacturer by email at customerservice@innofresh.com or go to their web site at :   www.innofresh.com

Kitchen Cabinet: Remove Foul Odor from Kitchen Cabinet


Here is a link to another blogger talking about Fridge It odor absorber and how well it works for getting smells out of kitchen cabinets.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Remove Foul Odor from Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

For Kitchen Cabinet eliminating the odor without fragrances and irritants, here’s an inexpensive and fragrance free product that is FANTASTIC that I’ve used for same problem and know so many other people that use all around too! . It is a product called FRIDGE IT odor absorbers that I think originally made for fridge (makes sense). -little purple cube with an incredible activated carbon filter inside that is great and eliminates odors for a long time. It works so much better than all those sprays, gels and fragrances that just cover up smells and have lots of warning statements on them. Just place one in each kitchen cabinet and forget about it. No spills or chemicals or powder to worry about. Each only costs a couple of dollars. I use this product everywhere – it’s that good and I really recommend it. You can buy it in kitchen cabinet gadget sections in stores like linens and things. I also think camping world sells it..Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet: Remove Foul Odor from Kitchen Cabinet.


For info on where to buy contact the manufacturer by email at customerservice@innofresh.com or order on line and visit their web site at: www.innofresh.com

Getting rid of music instrument case odor.

My son came home and told me that his new guitar case still smelled really bad.  He said every time he opens it, it just stinks.

The smell has been there since he bought the guitar and case.  We asked at the store if that was normal and was told to give it a week and the smell would be gone, that was a year ago.

We have tried air fresheners and they mask the odor, but only for a short time.  The reason being that once the air freshener has done all it can do, it will do no more.  Thus still a stinky instrument case.  The smell is more powerful that the air freshener we tried using. 

 So we moved on to natually activatead charcoal odor absorbers, as with any instrument, you do not want it near any powders, liquids or gels.   Since the music case is so stinky we are putting several in to draw out the odors. It really worked quite well. And now the case is odor free.

I remembered my other son had a clarinet and a case that also smelled and put a taste in your mouth of metal.  It had an old smell that reminded me of green moss and a taste of a rancid silver spoon, and that was also absorbed with the odor absorbers. 

I used Innofresh odor eliminator, is is a charcoal odor absorber  www.innofresh.com and that will do the trick to get the smell out of the case.  Since is is non toxic, no spill, it worked for 4 months and will not effect the instrument. You can find out where to order on line or get it near you at www.innofresh.com or customerservice@innofresh.com.

ABC News, Good Morning America: Debunking Food Myths


This is a interesting report that proves my point about how good activated charcoal odor absorbers are like the purple cube, Fridge It.

ABC news reported on: Debunking Food Myths

Culinary Expert Ted Allen Gives You the Skinny on Food Fact and Fiction

Does baking soda really take away nasty refrigerator odors?
The Test: A food tech places his head into two refrigerators full of rotting, rancid food. One has a pound of baking soda and the other does not. He does his best to keep their heads in the refrigerators. The refrigerator that the food tech can keep his head in the longest is declared the winner.

The Result: Baking Soda does help with odors in your fridge, but activated charcoal works better. It works so well because it is extremely porous.

ABC News: Debunking Food Myths.

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