Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Teachers search for solutions to classroom odor elimination

Odor in the class room and odor eliminators for classrooms are a highly searched topics.  Musty classroom, classroom stinks, How do I get rid of odor in my classroom? or Best Ways to make my classroom odor free?  Are all on the minds of teachers at this point in the school year on what kind of odor absorber is needed.

Place 30 students, one teacher a teachers aide and various class pets and you will have odor.  Many of the classroom as are carpeted with indoor outdoor style carper, which wears well, but does hold odor in its fibers. Books will have a musty smell from  humidity and age. In an effort to save money, classrooms may only be surfaced cleaned on a daily basis and heavy cleaned only once or twice a year.

 Add students back packs that have been on the ground numerous times, muddy shoes, wet umbrellas, rain coats, boxes full of teach supplies also add to the odor issue.  So how do you get rid of the mustyschool room odor naturally, so you do not leave a scent that may bring on allergy issues for students, with odor absorbers that are fragrance free and non toxic and they cannot spill.  An average class room will be approx 20 x 40 and will need one odor absorber for every  6 x 6 area that needs odor elimination. Place then also near the trash and under the class room sink for added absorption. Pet cages need to have one or two depending on the pet and the back pack area needs to have several for odor absorbers.  I recommend Innofresh odor absorbers in wafer form for normal odor absorption and Fridge it odor absorbers for larger areas to get odors under control.

Football teams odor problems

I was talking with a friend of mine, who has a son on a championship high school team and he started telling me about the odor problems all the boys on the football team were having with their gear, locker room odor and the sports equipment odors.

The odors seem to be inherited, since some of the uniform and equipment, are passed down from year to year.  The helmets, pads and bags all cleaned, still smell.  The cleats, shoes and hand rags all keep the odors from the practices and games.  Then, all this football gear gets placed in the trunk of a car after use, add heat and you have a very stinky trunk and football equipment. Not to mention foot odor issues.

The other issues are the socks and jocks, that still have a jock odor even after washing.  The uniforms also clean, but not fresh smelling.  The team bags also get odors from the grass, the dirt and the weather conditions.   So I suggested he get the team a case of Innofresh odor eliminators and Fridge It odor absorbers and pass them out the the biggest stink offenders.


He liked the idea and so did the coaches, who want to use them also at the end of the season when they pack everything way for next year. GO Fridge IT, GO TEAM INNOFRESH get those odors…..It worked and absorbed the odors, football odor now controlled.

5 Ways to avoid locker room smelly socks

There has been a lot of questions on locker room smells and smelly socks and getting rid of the odor.  This is in addition to gym bad odor which seems to always be a issue.

The athletes smells are well known.  Just as they are hero’s in the high schools, colleges, and professionally.  Odor issues follow.

Here are the key items :

1: Smelly socks. If you wear a sock once and it smells, it is not the sock, it is the sports shoe.  Also foot odor is a big smelly problem.   If you wear your socks more than once, they are going to have odors.  Wash them!!!  For the sports shoes or sneakers, use a naturally activated charcoal odor absorber  www.innofresh.com  in each shoe and the odor will be absorbed.

2: Athletes feet or Foot Fungus.  if your foot oozes, then the odor will transfer to the sock. if your skin is pealing off the shoe and sock will smell of dead skin. First get to a foot doctor, second be sure the area is clean and kept dry. Third keep the sport shoe dry. For regular foot odor, an odor absorber in each shoe will work fine.

3: Sport shoes or sneakers that have moisture is going to have odor.  Change the inset, place an odor absorber in the shoe each night.  Do not leave your shoes in the gym bag if moist.  They need to breath and they need to have the odor absorbers.

4: Gym clothes and gym bags.  These are two separate issues.  The gym bag can stink just because of the material it is made of, or because you left smelly clothes and shes in the bag enclosed and it has absorbed the odor into the materials.  If the gym cloths still smell after they have been washed,  There has been an odor transfer that has happened and you need get an odor absorb into the bag to stop this transfer of odor.

5: The locker you store your gear in, especially if it is shared, will have the odor of the last few pople who have used it and have left an odor profile in the locker.  Keep an Fridge it with you, that you are using in the gym bag and toss it in the locker so prevent odor transfer.

This will be the ways to avoid locker room smelly socks.

Getting rid of odors in gym lockers, gym bags and inside smelly sneakers

Gym lockers and gym bags are a very smelly places and I get a lot of people who are searching for solutions.  Especially if used gym clothes are left in the locker or even the lockers next you you, the smell and odors just build and build. Plus year to year the cleaning process for lockers is not the best.

 Gym lockers:  Masking the odor will only help short term, like a spray or powder. Also is is very difficult to keep it from spilling or you smelling like a sanitized toilet bowl.  Getting the odor out of the air with a naturally activated charcoal odor absorber is the way to go.  It will work just like if you want to get smells out of a refrigerator.  Which is a proven method for years.

Lockers have the same closed space, so a charcoal odor absorber absorb will trap the odor and you get a clean smelling locker.  It also works well if your neighbors locker smells bad, so when the smell gets to your locker it takes the smell out of the air and traps it in the absorber for good.  Thus no transfer smell to your clothes.

Gym bags are the same principal, since they also have enclosed space. Just put the odor absorber in the bag and let the smells be absorbed.  Simple, fast and cheap. Plus you do not want anything tipping over or sprays that will linger. 

Sneaker odors is the other area is the charcoal odor absorbers placed inside of each sneaker or sport shoe will take care of that smelly problem.  I like Fridge It  Odor absorbers for lockers and Innofresh Odor Absorbers for sneakers, shoes and gym bags.  You can find where to get them by emailing them at: info@innofresh.com or visit the web site www.innofresh.com

Boys have the smelliest sneaker odor

Sneaker odor is a big thing around the house.  Two teens and their 8 pair of sneakers, equal very bad foot odor. They have their regular sneakers, the skater shoes, the basketball sneakers, and track shoes all add up to a smellapaluzza.

 I tried to hose them in the yard, but they really do not recover as a shoe when you do that.  I tried foot powders.  No luck, spraying bathroom air fresheners.  Please don’t try it, I learned that the smell to cover up a bathroom, does not mix with foot odor.

I then tried the foot odor eliminator for the inside of the shoes called Innofresh foot odor eliminator from www.innofresh.com and put one in each sneaker  and it does the deal.  It is a activated charcoal filter that takes the odors out of the sneakers and is fragrance free. It works and I am very happy to report that it also works in their smelly gym bags.  Yes!!!