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Basketball players odors can be eliminated

I have gotten very good feedback on my football odor problems blog and suggestions.  I realized after attending my sons basketball game, that teen basketball players as well as professional and college basketball players face the same type of odor issues as do football players, baseball, soccer and hockey players.

The three main causes of basketball odor are the sneakers, that have nothing to do with body odor issues. When the sneakers get sweaty an odor builds up in each shoe that needs to be absorbed, to keep the shoes smelling neutral place a charcoal odor absorber in each basketball sneaker or shoe when not worn and this will easily take care of the odor issue, by absorbing the odors. 

The next area is the gym bag that carries the ball, clothes, uniform, towels and other assorted needs.  This odor grows over time and transfer the odors inside of he bag of what ever you have in the bag, including the basketball. That was the issue that I got a whiff of at my sons game , a basketball that smelled like BO and foot-odor.  The kid carried the ball past me and I almost passed out from the stench.

The third area is the uniform and even if washed takes on the odor from the things around it in the gym bag and locker.  All three of these odor issues can be quickly taken care of to gain odor control and get rid of the smells to the basketball players satisfaction and the spectators and coaches who get a whiff of the odor and smells during the basketball season.

 I recommend Fridge IT cube or wafer for larger odor absorber jobs, and Innofresh odor eliminators for shoes, sneakers, lockers or gym bags.  Each will do a good job of absorbing the odor and not allowing the odors to grow and transfer.