Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Top ways to remove refrigerator odors and ice that smells bad.

The smell coming from your refrigerator is a daily reminder each time you open the fridge door.

There are some top ways of getting rid of refrigerator odors .  The first is to get a Fridge It  odor absorber.  www.fridgeit.com It is easy to use, no moving parts and works.  It comes as purple cube or wafer with an activated charcoal odor absorber inside that you put in your refrigerator. It takes out the odors from your refrigerator and also works very well in your freezer for freezer taste and bad ice taste.

The other area that is to place a Fridge It is in each vegetable bid, it keeps the smells under control in that area of the refrigerator also.  It will not spill like other products.  The Fridge It odor absorber cube just hangs or is placed on the refrigerator shelf or in the ice bucket.

It works by the air flow that goes through the activated charcoal cube and the odors are trapped into the Naturally Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber. The package says in lasts six months and is under $4.00 for a cube. It is non toxic and is fragrance free.

The other way to remove odor is to put the Fridge It directly into the ice-maker catch bin and the ice cubes do not pickup freezer tastes or bad ice smells.  Fridge It worked great and the ice cubes taste was so much improved.  If your ice maker gives your ice odor or a bad smell this will work for that odor also.

Fridge It is manufactured by Innofresh Products and you can go to their web site www.innofresh.com or www.fridgeit.com.

Eight top ways to make your ice taste better

I am always interested in the number of searches I get to my blog looking for solutions for better tasting ice.  There are really several things you can do to get good tasting ice.

1:  The water source. If your tap water does not taste good to you in liquid form, it will not improve when you freeze it.  Be sure to use a good tasting tap water or bottled water to start.

2: The way you make ice.  If you have an ice maker, when was the last time you cleaned out the ice maker as well as freezer. A good washing of all the parts will make a big difference in the taste of the ice.

3: Ice cube trays- take a look at the trays and where they came from.  The trays may have been treated in the manufacturing process with things that change the taste of the ice. Throw away ice trays that give the ice a bad taste. 

3: Frozen food smells can and will transfer to the ice in a short period of time. Keep the ice away from the frozen food. Place on a different section on shelf. Items wrapped in aluminum foil can also change the taste of the ice.

4: New ice makers will have an odor for the first few months and that may cause you not to like the way the new ice tastes.  This has to do with the plastic tubing and the bucket the ice gets dropped into, as well as where they hooked up to your water system.  Use an odor absorber such as Fridge It until it gets worked in.

5: Water filters that come with your ice maker. If you are use to the taste of your tap water,  when it is put though the ice maker water filter, it will pick up a different taste, that you may not like. Look to see if you can turn off the filter and see if the ice tastes better.

6: The lenth of time you leave the ice cubes sitting in the freezer.  If the ice is more than 2 weeks old throw it out!

7: Change the filter for the ice maker. Check your ice maker for a water filter. Most newer ice makers have a filter that needs to be changed out at least annually, if not more.  Most  forget or do not even know that there is a filter that needed to be changed out, no less that it has been in for 10 years you have owned the refrigerator and freezer and then you wonder why the ice tastes bad.

8: The Ice Bin that the ice drops into. The freezer most likely has a auto defrost, that will cause an ice crust to build up inside the ice bin.  Be sure to take the bin out and look inside. If you see the ice crust, it needs a full cleaning.


As I have said there is also a solution once you have checked the health and safety of your ice, which is to put a Fridge It in the ice bin that the ice drops into. It is a charcoal odor absorber that does a great job of taking the odor out of the ice maker and thus it will make the ice taste so much better.


For more info: www.fridgeit.com or by email at: customerservice@innofresh.com