Odor absorbers & air fresheners

Dogs “nose” where you are going.

Dogs are so smart!  A friend last night was saying how her do knows where she is going by the shoes she puts on.  She told us the dog was not interested, since she put on dress shoes.  If she had put on sneakers the dog would of been all over her wanting to come with. 

When it comes to odors from foot-ware, this a key. Yes your shoes all have odor.  A scent that gives off what shoe it is and where it has been.  Dogs noses are a true test of odor deciphering. They can smell what you cannot.  They are our early warning to odors.

So give you dog a break and get your footware odor cleaned up.  Go to www.Innofresh.com and click on Footware to learn how to get rid of the odor. So you are not giving away your knowledge of where you are going to the nose of a dog.

Basketball players odors can be eliminated

I have gotten very good feedback on my football odor problems blog and suggestions.  I realized after attending my sons basketball game, that teen basketball players as well as professional and college basketball players face the same type of odor issues as do football players, baseball, soccer and hockey players.

The three main causes of basketball odor are the sneakers, that have nothing to do with body odor issues. When the sneakers get sweaty an odor builds up in each shoe that needs to be absorbed, to keep the shoes smelling neutral place a charcoal odor absorber in each basketball sneaker or shoe when not worn and this will easily take care of the odor issue, by absorbing the odors. 

The next area is the gym bag that carries the ball, clothes, uniform, towels and other assorted needs.  This odor grows over time and transfer the odors inside of he bag of what ever you have in the bag, including the basketball. That was the issue that I got a whiff of at my sons game , a basketball that smelled like BO and foot-odor.  The kid carried the ball past me and I almost passed out from the stench.

The third area is the uniform and even if washed takes on the odor from the things around it in the gym bag and locker.  All three of these odor issues can be quickly taken care of to gain odor control and get rid of the smells to the basketball players satisfaction and the spectators and coaches who get a whiff of the odor and smells during the basketball season.

 I recommend Fridge IT cube or wafer for larger odor absorber jobs, and Innofresh odor eliminators for shoes, sneakers, lockers or gym bags.  Each will do a good job of absorbing the odor and not allowing the odors to grow and transfer.

Getting rid of odors in gym lockers, gym bags and inside smelly sneakers

Gym lockers and gym bags are a very smelly places and I get a lot of people who are searching for solutions.  Especially if used gym clothes are left in the locker or even the lockers next you you, the smell and odors just build and build. Plus year to year the cleaning process for lockers is not the best.

 Gym lockers:  Masking the odor will only help short term, like a spray or powder. Also is is very difficult to keep it from spilling or you smelling like a sanitized toilet bowl.  Getting the odor out of the air with a naturally activated charcoal odor absorber is the way to go.  It will work just like if you want to get smells out of a refrigerator.  Which is a proven method for years.

Lockers have the same closed space, so a charcoal odor absorber absorb will trap the odor and you get a clean smelling locker.  It also works well if your neighbors locker smells bad, so when the smell gets to your locker it takes the smell out of the air and traps it in the absorber for good.  Thus no transfer smell to your clothes.

Gym bags are the same principal, since they also have enclosed space. Just put the odor absorber in the bag and let the smells be absorbed.  Simple, fast and cheap. Plus you do not want anything tipping over or sprays that will linger. 

Sneaker odors is the other area is the charcoal odor absorbers placed inside of each sneaker or sport shoe will take care of that smelly problem.  I like Fridge It  Odor absorbers for lockers and Innofresh Odor Absorbers for sneakers, shoes and gym bags.  You can find where to get them by emailing them at: info@innofresh.com or visit the web site www.innofresh.com

Boys have the smelliest sneaker odor

Sneaker odor is a big thing around the house.  Two teens and their 8 pair of sneakers, equal very bad foot odor. They have their regular sneakers, the skater shoes, the basketball sneakers, and track shoes all add up to a smellapaluzza.

 I tried to hose them in the yard, but they really do not recover as a shoe when you do that.  I tried foot powders.  No luck, spraying bathroom air fresheners.  Please don’t try it, I learned that the smell to cover up a bathroom, does not mix with foot odor.

I then tried the foot odor eliminator for the inside of the shoes called Innofresh foot odor eliminator from www.innofresh.com and put one in each sneaker  and it does the deal.  It is a activated charcoal filter that takes the odors out of the sneakers and is fragrance free. It works and I am very happy to report that it also works in their smelly gym bags.  Yes!!!