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Kitchen Cabinet: Remove Foul Odor from Kitchen Cabinet


Here is a link to another blogger talking about Fridge It odor absorber and how well it works for getting smells out of kitchen cabinets.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Remove Foul Odor from Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

For Kitchen Cabinet eliminating the odor without fragrances and irritants, here’s an inexpensive and fragrance free product that is FANTASTIC that I’ve used for same problem and know so many other people that use all around too! . It is a product called FRIDGE IT odor absorbers that I think originally made for fridge (makes sense). -little purple cube with an incredible activated carbon filter inside that is great and eliminates odors for a long time. It works so much better than all those sprays, gels and fragrances that just cover up smells and have lots of warning statements on them. Just place one in each kitchen cabinet and forget about it. No spills or chemicals or powder to worry about. Each only costs a couple of dollars. I use this product everywhere – it’s that good and I really recommend it. You can buy it in kitchen cabinet gadget sections in stores like linens and things. I also think camping world sells it..Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet: Remove Foul Odor from Kitchen Cabinet.


For info on where to buy contact the manufacturer by email at customerservice@innofresh.com or order on line and visit their web site at: www.innofresh.com

Refrigerator odor removal?

Here is another blogger talking about where to get Fridge It.


Refrigerator Odor removal?

Where can I get Fridge It activated carbon odor absorbers at retail stores? After trying everything including baking soda- vinegar- coffee grinds- newspaper- etc. Even tried carbon for fish tanks. I finally found a product worth raving about – FRIDGE IT odor absorber. My problem now is where to buy it again I asked this question before- but got answers like find the source of odor. I know where it comes from – fish- cheese- etc. Also- baking soda does not work. Need help. Anyone else use this product. I love it so kudos to company that makes it.

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You can contact the the company at www.fridgeit.com or email at customerservice@innofresh.com , 602-866-0411 and they can tell you where to buy in your area or via mail or web.

U.S. Military Commissaires do sell Fridge It. Yes, that is true.

One of my blog readers wanted to be sure that her son could get Fridge It odor absorbers at US Military Commissaries across the county on US military bases.  Yes, I checked with the manufacture and yes military base stores do carry Fridge It naturally activated odor absorbers in addition to retailers and ordering on line.  They were not sure what bases in particular, but they have been sold at the military commissaries for many years, so just ask and they can order if out.

 They are used by the soldiers for their duffel bags, boots and trunk lockers to keep the odor down.  They are also bought for general household use for bathroom, tents and they had heard even in closed areas on closed in military equipment. 

Anything that you are trying to get odor absorption, naturally without sound or needing electricity.  The heat in the middle east creates strong odors and the Fridge It product has been a staple for many years for the soldiers and their families to buy. 

Fridge It needs no electricity, uses natural air flow, makes no noise and has no moving parts or anything that can spill. It can be used anywhere safely and has no scent which is very much appreciated.


So yes if you have access to a military commissary, you to can get Fridge It. If you have more questions email the manufacturer at  customerservice@innofresh.com  or visit the web site www.fridgeit.com.  In retail Linens n Things, Camping World, Sur la Table and on line direct in 6 packs or more at www.fridgetit.com, click on order now or there is a mail order form you can print out and mail in.