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INNOFRESH® Sport Odor eliminator- For gym bags, sports equipment, athletic shoes and lockers.

INNOFRESH® SPORT Odor Eliminator- For gym bags, sports equipment, athletic shoes and lockers

Innofresh® SPORT Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber is designed to safely eliminate the toughest odors in your sports equipment, gym bags, lockers, footwear and closets.  Convenient size and clip-on makes it easy to use everywhere.  No more messy sprays, powders, gels and spills. Non-toxic and Fragrance Free.

Advanced natural activated charcoal filter traps and neutralizes odors that linger on fabrics, athletic shoes, apparel, sports gear and inside gym bags and lockers.  Perfect for all sport odors including hockey equipment, football pads and other athletic gear you can’t easily wash.

  •  Safely eliminates unpleasant odors without irritating fragrances.  Absorbs odors – doesn’t mask them with strong scents that may even aggravate allergies and damage fabric and gear.
  •  Just one SPORT Odor Eliminator starts working immediately.  Its odor fighting activated charcoal  is powerful enough to eliminate even the toughest odors on athletic equipment, apparel and in lockers.

Ready to use – Simply hang, place or clip onto or near athletic equipment and gear, inside shoes overnight and inside gym bags and lockers.  For pads and apparel that can’t be easily washed, place items inside sealed container along with one or two SPORT odor eliminators overnight.  For tougher odors, additional odor eliminators can be used.  It’s that easy.

Innfresh sport  is designed to allow maximum air flow over a highly porous, activated surface of natural charcoal, virtually soaking up and neutralizing odors.

Innofresh odor absorbers are Patent: # DES. 384,408
Manufactured by Innofresh Products, Inc.  PO Box 9921, Phoenix, AZ 85068

Prevent allergies with natural odor elimination
September 6, 2008, 4:50 am
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Are you Allergy sensitive to odor elimination products? The goal is to get rid of odor or that sour smell in your house.

Fragrances from gels sprays, plug ins and oils can cause issues to those with allergies. Allergen Free options are available with activated carbon filters like the Innofresh line  www.innofresh.com that do not disperse irritants into the air. They absorb odors and are fragrance free, non toxic and nothing to spill.

Irritants can linger in the air causing allergic reactions long after they are sprayed or opened.  Ever notice when you go into a car with a fragrance air freshener you start sneezing?  Ah Ha or more likely Ah Choo.

 Keep your nose and lungs clear and open, and still eliminate odors instead of creating irritants that make you feel bad due to fragrances.  If you spray in the air,  you are in-hailing it through your nose.

Why activated carbon works well as an odor aborber.

  What is activated carbon and why does it work so well?
 I asked why the Activated Carbon works so well and was told it is a natural, environmentally safe, charcoal that is treated with steam at an extremely high temperature that results in a material that is filled with millions of microscopic holes and pores inside and on the surface that make activated carbon one of the most porous materials known. 


I learned that just one gram of activated carbon has the surface area of the the size of two tennis courts.  This gives it the ability to absorb enormous amounts of odors out of the air resulting in clean fresh air for such a small product in size.   



I really like the product and the activated carbon in Innofresh  www.innofresh.com and Fridge It odor absorber www.fridgeit.com products have these microscopic pores that really eliminate odors . The surface area is important since it is the best way to capture odors.   As odors pass through our ventilated activated carbon filters it also “pulls” odors from the air holding them secure in its micro pockets.   When odors pass through our filter, they are attached to the carbon pores and are trapped.  They have a  patented design and innovative ventilated air flow that allows for the optimal passage of air through the maximum surface area.  The result is a highly effective odor absorber without small granules, powders and carbon dust usually found with other carbon products.   So that is why it works so well. Amazing!  For more information contact customerservice@innofresh.com or www.innofresh.com  or call 602-866-0411