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Goodday mates, Fridge It now ships to Australia for odor elimination.

Flag of Austraila

Big news they now ship to Australia for odor elimination.Yes! You can now order and get shipping/post to Australia for online orders of Fridge it and Innofresh.  It is now open for Australia!  Fridge It naturally activated charcoal odor absorbers and Innofresh odor eliminators are great for the toughest odors.

Kitchen, pet, sport, shoe, car and so many other uses.  So no mater how you spell it, odor, odour, oder, odur we have the product for your odor elimination problems.  Yes Australia has been added as a shipping country, thanks to all who have been asking to be added to the ship to list.

This is in addition to shipping Innofresh and Fridge It  already to US, Canada and England.  The price is in US dollars. See the website for the charges for Australia.

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How to get rid of luggage odor

Luggage odor remover- Fridge It     Luggage odor is common.  It depends on where it has been stored when not in use.  It depends on when you are using it, where it has been and where you have stayed.

Luggage odor when storing your bags can be easily taken care of by placing an activated carbon odor absorber like www.fridgeit.com inside the bag.  This will then absorb all the odor inside the bag and keep it smelling fresh until the next time you use it.

Depending on where the luggage is stored, a few odor absorbers hanging of placed on the bag or above the bag will do the job.  Many times the bags are stored in the garage and so is your garbage and the odors transfer to the luggage.

When you are traveling, the bags are placed with other bags piled high in the cargo areas of planes, which also carry, fruit, mail and other cargo, thus you are not only picking up the odor of other bags, but of what they are carrying that flight.  Also remember that the loading and unloading of bags is done in the open, so rain, humidity, heat and tar mack smell can all be picked up by the luggage. 

Once you get to the hotel and you drop your luggage on the floor and fail to see the carpet has just been cleaned so it is damp and also a scent was added to the carpet, which is now dried into your bag.  If the hotel is musty that will also transfer.  That type of odor can also be taken care of with a  product like www.innofresh.com charcoal odor absorber flat wafer style.  You can travel with it, use it in your luggage and also make your room smell better. 

If you are in a cruise ship there is ocean odors that can turn your bag to smelling rancid by the end of the trip.  Then the room smells and you think it is the room and it is really your luggage.

So for luggage odors use a Naturally activated Charcoal odor absorber like Fridge It www.fridgeit.com cube or water or email info@innofresh.com

Winter proofing your home from odors.

Fall and Winter are around the corner and so is winterizing your get away place so it will be in good shape for next year or getting your year round home ready for closed windows and heating will require using odor absorbers.

Besides the cleaning up, stowing away, cleaning out the refrigerator, closets and making room in the garage and basement for boats, RV’s or sport bikes, this process leads to how to stop winters musty smells and odors from getting in the furniture, linens, carpet, curtains and refrigerator.

In your process of winterizing or winter proofing, think of the odor and must and how to get rid of it through out the fall and winter. Try using a activated charcoal odor absorber in several areas.  For larger areas you you can leave baking pans filled with charcoal, (not brickettes) to absorb the smells that will get released as the temperatures cools in rooms. Place the charcoal on a flat tray and evenly spread out the charcoal, place in an area where it will be left alone and not spilled.  Under a bed, on the top of the kitchen counter,  in the fire place.  I assume you know this is treatment is not to be lit.

For enclosed area, such as  closets, storage rooms, linen closets, garages, basements, under sinks in refrigerators, freezers,  bathrooms, kitchen cabinets or in boats or other areas you are tarping Fridge It cube charcoal odor absorbers or Innofresh flat wafer odor absorbers will absorb the odors.  These areas need a odor product that will not tip over or spill or have a mess.  So the when looking for a natural “no mess or spill” solution, this is the products I want to recommend.  Since they last for around 4 to 6 months, they have a lot of long lasting odor absorbing power.

Another good place for a Fridge It is in the empty trash barrel, this will absorb the odors all winter long. A refrigerator that is unplugged all winter and closed and have quite the smell, so again another good winterizing tip. Also in your everyday fridge, since you cook more hearty foods in the winter, that create more odor.

The other key place for winter odor is foot odor. Use a footware absorbers placed into your shoes to get the summer odor out of them and make them better for the next time you come to vacation.

Add naturally activated charcoal odor absorber to your winterizing shopping list. For more information on odor absorbers, contact via email at customerservice@innofresh.com or visit their web site www.innofresh.com.