Odor absorbers & air fresheners

My new luggage smells really bad. What can get rid of the odor?

Luggage odor, the luggage has a bad smell or developed a bad  luggage stink. Or if you just purchased a sets of new luggage, or you  tried airing them out and you wondered how to get that smelly ” new plastic” smell out of them?   Use a Fridge It cube odor absorber placed inside the sealed luggage for inside odor.  If you are storing the luggage or it has a odor from the outside. Place the luggage in a plastic bag with a few odor absorbers, leave some air space in the plastic bag and seal the luggage in the bag for odor issues, or jsut want odor free luggage.  Fridge It absorbs the odors quickly.  If you do not want your clothes to pick up the smell from the suit case or have to do laundry or wear that odor around during the trip, bring a few along on the trip.  They are also really good for hotel room odor, airplane odor , bus odor and train smells to keep your seat /space odors under control from other passengers.

It is the same product that absorbs odors from refrigerators and freezers.  The activated carbon can absorb and trap the odors in the enclosed space of luggage,  just like it does a fridge.  Just as it works great for purses with odors or music cases or guitar cases.  Anything that has an enclosed area that it can remove odor from.

If you cannot enclose the absorber the the object than place the object in a plastic bag and place the Fridge It odor absorber in with it and seal the bag. This works for old book odor, or anything that may have picked up an odor you are having and issue with.

Getting smells out of an offensive purse. Best way of getting rid of a foul odor in purse.

A reader of my blog turned me on to a new one smell  problem and odor solution, that I had never thought of….purse odor and bad purse and  foul bag and luggage smells. She said, ” I  have one very offensive-smelly “knock off” purse that I bought in NYC and had heard this product works well.”  So she got her Fridge it at  www.fridgeit.com  and reported it cleared up the odor problem. 

But actually she is right.  I bought one of those pashmina type knock off scarfs and when I brought it home and opened the bag, it smelled like old goat.  I had to air it out for a year, so now it is OK, but if it gets wet in the winter, I am back to old goat smell. I keep in in a plastic bag with a Fridge it odor absorber and it always smells fresh when I take it out.

So I now know that Fridge It naturally activated odor absorber works inside smelly  knock off purses and for “old goat” scarfs.  Who would of thought of purses being smelly….  But I sure know my scarf was really smelly.

Added note:  I have also gotten feedback it works for removing the odor from the plastic in purses, as well as great reports that is really works in smelly musical instrument cases.