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Getting rid of Musty Closet Odor

Musty closet odors seem to be more popular topic  in winter for top ways to get rid of odors and smells in your home. Winter keeps you in the house and sniffing around what is causing the stink.

Musty closets smells can start in clothes, sneakers or the carpet and then transfer to whatever else you have stored in your closet. It can also start from cardboard boxes stored for years in the top of the closet or sporting equipment stored in the bottom of the closet.

Odors can also grow in clothes that  worn and not washed and then hung or thrown into the closet, having the odors grow over time and transfer to the other clothes. Worn socks thrown into the bottom of the closet is a common cause.

One of the other big area of musty closet odor is pets going into the closet to go to the bathroom in the closet and you not finding it until the smell grows and gets “musty”.

The solution  is using a  Charcoal odor absorbers  like Innofresh Products  brands that will take the must smell out of the air in no time and keep the odors absorbed for up to 4 months.  It can really help and absorb odors that are growing in your closets.

Ways to help prevent closet and linens odor

Closets are an eco system all in themselves.  Odors, stinks and smells come in many levels and many kinds. There are the odors from clothes, books and boxes that are stacked on the shelves.  There are the shoes on the floor all emitting odor.  Add a laundry bag with smelly clothes ready to be washed or just dumped on the ground stacking up. 

There is the smell of moth balls if you have or had a moth issue.  The smells of old things, like your mothers favorite purse or mink stole or your stash of memories from high school that has the smell of metal taste in your month.  

Add in the boxes and boxes of photos and keep sakes, and your ski or sports equipment all crammed into the back corner and the list goes on and on as to what will cause odor in your closets… you will have an odor problem. 

 There are also the linen closet smells, such as pillows that are past their throw out date.  Smells from blankets that you keep avoiding washing.  They can smell like grandma perfume or her bad breath.  Yuck!

The smell of towels that might have been folded too soon after being washed and have a mildew smell.

There is the closet smell from the pet that has gone to the bathroom in the closet or the mouse who has died in the closet or in the wall.  It all adds up to adding levels of stink, odor, terrible smells and bad whiffs.

 The lucky thing is a closet is a small space that is able to be closed, so odor elimination is possible. That is getting rid of the odor by taking the smell out of the air, so it does not return and leaving no other smell in its place.  It is the same process as cars that have an odor issues, that a naturally activated charcoal odor absorber does the work very well.  I would suggest 4 cubes for  regular size closet.

 It takes the smell out of air and the smell attaches to the charcoal odor eliminator, with no muss, spill or smell.  Plus your linens, clothes will smell so much fresher, as well as everything else in your closet.

 Before using a odor absorber like Fridge It or Innofresh odor absorber and eliminator, be sure to clean the area or the clothes so you area starting with a good base line.  If it the cat has pee in the closet, clean it up, don’t leave it there.  If not it may take way longer. 

If the issue is mold or water damage, you need to get professional help, an odor absorber will not do you much good since the problem will keep growing which is not good.

 To find Fridge It or Innofresh you can contact the manufacturer by email at  customerservice@innofresh.com or check the web site www.fridgeit.com for more info.

How to get rid of dead mouse smell in wall.

If you want to get rid of the odor of having a dead mouse die in your closet or in the wall, that 6 Fridge It odor absorbers   works well. www.fridgeit.com placed in the closet will take care of the smell until the mouse is decomposed and no longer smelling.  The reviews say that it did the job to take care of odors of dead mouse or other small animals that my die in the wall or die in the closet.

Another person thought her problem was a dead mouse and it turned out to be mold, thus the Fridge It did not work as well since the mold was growing.  She had to get a specialist for that mold problem. 

So Fridge It is great for a dead mouse smell if it is really bad odor you may need to use up to 6 cubes, not so good for mold which needs professional treatment in addition to using a odor absorbers.  You can contact at www.Innofresh.com or email info@Innofresh.com or call customer service at 602-866-0411.