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Top ways to eliminate pet odors in the air.

We all love our pets, but there are odor issues that come with your aminals no matter what pet you have.

How to get rid of pet odor in the air is often searched for answers on my blog. So here are the the areas to look for to get rid of the odors. Pet odors have a variety of challenges when it come to clearing the air in your house or car. The first thing is to determine the source of the odor problem.

What is causing the odor?  Look for the source of the odor or see if it is a generalized overall bad smell.  Look at the litter box, does it have litter box odor? Cages or places where the animal lives and goes to the bathroom.  This includes the carpet area since some animals will use a carpet at their potty area. Be sure they are cleaned regularly.  That is the first place to clean to start to gain control of an odor problems.

 How many pets do you have?  One dog has a very different in the odor level than say three.  One cat or five cats will multiply the odors. Pet dander, length of fur, saliva,  animal markings will all add to your pet odor problem.  Use a naturally activated carbon odor absorber for absorbing the smells.

Look to see of the problem is an odor or a smell?  An odor would come from specific area like from urine, poop or the materials you have used to catch the problem, such as a litter box or papers on the floor or in the cage.  These need to be cleaned, washed and removed, before you can get effective odor absorption. Has the animal used your carpet of furniture to go to the bathroom? Does your animal get up on furniture?  Do they use your drapes to rub up against?  All of these activities will keep the odor level high.

An odor will continue to bother you when you are in the house and you do not get use to the specific odor the longer you are in the room.  HINT: Check under the beds, furniture, you pet may have left you a present that you are not aware of. If after you checked for presents, you need to determine if it could be a dead mouse in the wall or mold in the wall.

A smell will come from an overall odor in the house, that is noticeable and then fades as you are in hte room longer and get use to  the smell. If it is a smell and it is noticeable when you enter the house, then not as time goes on.  It is most likely a fur or the carpet smell of the animal that needs to be attended to.

 Does the animal sleep in bed with you?  if so your bed linins and pads need to be washed. If the matress has been stained, then you will need to replace the mattress.

Does the animal get up on your furniture. If so then a fabric odor remover or an odor absorber like innofresh will do the job.

What type of pet is it?  If the pet is a dog  then you must use different odor treatments than a cat.  If it is a cat or other type of per like , reptiles such as snake, or mice or gerbils.  Birds and fish require yet another type of treatment.  A fragrance free non toxic odor absorber will do the trick to get the odors out.  However, dogs will try to eat the odor absorbers, so it is not recommended for dogs, unless you can keep it our of their reach.

A scented air freshener will do a short term cover up to make the room smell better, I prefer the Natural charcoal odor absorbers, such as Fridge it or Innofresh to have the odors absorbers, instead of covered up.  You can contact www.innofresh.com or email:  customerservice@innofresh.com , or call 602-866-0411 to find a place to buy the charcoal odor absorbers near you.

How to get the odor out of older or foreclosed homes

I was talking with a woman this morning who was saying that she has been going to Realtor open houses on homes that are going into foreclosure. The first thing she cannot get over when she enters the house is the smell,.  She said they all have an offensive odor, like of pets, stink and worst.  She said the houses I am seeing all have a terrible odor of old and musty. The bad smells need to be removed and cleaned up.  The odors make the house seem dirty.

 Also  I am seeing many houses for sale that are just old houses that the owners are tyring to sell since they are getting older.  Most smell like the old people who live there. She went on to say even when I try to picture the house renovated, the smell turns me off.


I told her they need to use a charcoal odor absorber like Fridge It.  It should come standard in a Realtors bag of trick to sell a house.  She said, yes,  spread the word since some  realtors are trying to mask the smell  by using stinky candles or sprays.  It just does not do the job. She will keep looking since a fresh and clean smelling house is what she is looking for.


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