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My new luggage smells really bad. What can get rid of the odor?

Luggage odor, the luggage has a bad smell or developed a bad  luggage stink. Or if you just purchased a sets of new luggage, or you  tried airing them out and you wondered how to get that smelly ” new plastic” smell out of them?   Use a Fridge It cube odor absorber placed inside the sealed luggage for inside odor.  If you are storing the luggage or it has a odor from the outside. Place the luggage in a plastic bag with a few odor absorbers, leave some air space in the plastic bag and seal the luggage in the bag for odor issues, or jsut want odor free luggage.  Fridge It absorbs the odors quickly.  If you do not want your clothes to pick up the smell from the suit case or have to do laundry or wear that odor around during the trip, bring a few along on the trip.  They are also really good for hotel room odor, airplane odor , bus odor and train smells to keep your seat /space odors under control from other passengers.

It is the same product that absorbs odors from refrigerators and freezers.  The activated carbon can absorb and trap the odors in the enclosed space of luggage,  just like it does a fridge.  Just as it works great for purses with odors or music cases or guitar cases.  Anything that has an enclosed area that it can remove odor from.

If you cannot enclose the absorber the the object than place the object in a plastic bag and place the Fridge It odor absorber in with it and seal the bag. This works for old book odor, or anything that may have picked up an odor you are having and issue with.

How to get rid of luggage odor

Luggage odor remover- Fridge It     Luggage odor is common.  It depends on where it has been stored when not in use.  It depends on when you are using it, where it has been and where you have stayed.

Luggage odor when storing your bags can be easily taken care of by placing an activated carbon odor absorber like www.fridgeit.com inside the bag.  This will then absorb all the odor inside the bag and keep it smelling fresh until the next time you use it.

Depending on where the luggage is stored, a few odor absorbers hanging of placed on the bag or above the bag will do the job.  Many times the bags are stored in the garage and so is your garbage and the odors transfer to the luggage.

When you are traveling, the bags are placed with other bags piled high in the cargo areas of planes, which also carry, fruit, mail and other cargo, thus you are not only picking up the odor of other bags, but of what they are carrying that flight.  Also remember that the loading and unloading of bags is done in the open, so rain, humidity, heat and tar mack smell can all be picked up by the luggage. 

Once you get to the hotel and you drop your luggage on the floor and fail to see the carpet has just been cleaned so it is damp and also a scent was added to the carpet, which is now dried into your bag.  If the hotel is musty that will also transfer.  That type of odor can also be taken care of with a  product like www.innofresh.com charcoal odor absorber flat wafer style.  You can travel with it, use it in your luggage and also make your room smell better. 

If you are in a cruise ship there is ocean odors that can turn your bag to smelling rancid by the end of the trip.  Then the room smells and you think it is the room and it is really your luggage.

So for luggage odors use a Naturally activated Charcoal odor absorber like Fridge It www.fridgeit.com cube or water or email info@innofresh.com