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Where do I buy Fridge-It?

Where can I buy Fridge It odor absorbers is frequently searched online, by those who know the product or read about the product . Fridge It is sold online, direct from the manufacturer,  as well found at retail by going to Fridge It Retailers

For many years FridgeIt was sold at WalMart and Linens n things for over 10 years, but not at the moment.  Fridge-It is the same natural activated charcoal odor absorber, now in cube and wafer.   Fridge It is made in the USA, at a plant that hires adults with disabilities.

Fridge It has grown in popularity and is now sold in 4 countries-  US, UK and Canada and Australia.  It is used for refrigerator and freezer odor, removing dead mouse odor from behind walls, closet odor and trash and garage that smells using natural activated charcoal, which is eco-friendly, fragrance free and non toxic.

Fridge-It Fridge Odor Absorber does eliminate tough odor

I get lots of questions on where to find Fridge It (R) Naturally Activated Carbon absorber and does it work well?  The answer is yes, because it is designed to eliminate the tough odors in refrigerators and freezers.

They also ask can you use it in more than the refrigerator? Yes, Fridge-It can also be used for house, garage and car odors, pets, closets, RV’s, boats. 

They ask if it is messy or toxic?.  No, it is not a messy, it is a cube or flat wafer, so no spray and it cannot spill, or make a mess.  Yes, It is non toxic and safe. 

So here is the background on why it works.  Fridge It is made of natures best odor absorbing material, carbon. Fridge it uses advance porous technology and patented airflow design to maximize odor absorption. It’s naturally activated charcoal element in the absorsber traps and neutralizes odors. Drawing the odor out of air and trapping it in the absorber. 

Depending on the odor, for regular odor maintenance it will last up to 6  month. For bigger odor issues, you will need more and once the odor as been captured, you are going to need to replace it earlier or double or triple up, depending on the odor.  The goal is no odor, no scent.

Fridge It now comes in two sizes and shapes.  The original Fridge It Cube for bigger odor issues or the flatter Fridge-It Wafer, so areas that are needing a smaller odor absorber.

My most frequent questions is readers asking where they can buy Fridge It?.  It is available at selected retailers, like Sur la Table, Camping World and Military Commissaries and seems to be growing everyday.  Also a hint:  They sell an Innofresh Auto odor eliminator in auto retailers, which is a clear holder in the wafer shape. It is the same type of product, packaged for the auto market.  So The CSK auto supply chain of Checker Auto, Schucks, Krager Auto, Murray’s also carry it and would work the same.

You can also order on-line direct from the manufacturer Innofresh  with a minimum order of a 6 pack ( they do allow combos to mix and match product) at the Innofresh website who sells Fridge It , go to, www.innofresh.com or at www.fridgeit.com, click on order and it will bring you to thier shopping cart.  You can also down load an order form from their web site, if you want to order by mail.

Those who want to order just one to five odor absorber, can look at the links section of this blog, I have added many of the other on-line retailers who see the product.  I have attached some photos, so you can see what you are looking for.

Fridge It Wafer

Fridge It Wafer

Fridge-It Cube

Fridge-It Cube