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The official sport of office odor. Odor ID your co-workers.

How does your office smell?  Most likely, like old socks and musty plants. Odors in the office are truly becoming a sport.  The official sport of office odor. Everyday you come into your office area faced with “whats that smell” and you get good at it and then you master it.  

Start off  easy with  the smells in your office. Can you ID  the smell or odor? Start to know which smells have to do with the time of day.  Start in the morning, when you come in ,  ask yourself, does it smell like brewing coffee or like a damp musty cave?

At lunch does it smell like a half eaten lean cuisine from the micro wave or gym sweat wafting at you from your co worker who went out for a workout and didn’t shower.  When you get up to go for the late afternoon 7th inning stretch, does it smell more like a closed up mine shaft or cabin, where the air is getting stale, still and smelly?  If so, you are playing the latest sport in America.  “What that odor” The official sport of  office odor.

Add in  the office refrigerator crammed with old left over lunches long forgotten,  or your boss who has an old plant that has gnats and smells like an old ladies house. The bathroom smells that follow people out of the restroom, you got it, your now ready to play.  Odor ID your co-workers.

The people  in your office all come as their own contestants ready for you to “name that odor”: 

Here they come, close your eyes: Is it  the breath mint boss, the perfumed hotty, the dude that brings his dog to work or the chick who wears the odor of her cat whom she sleeps with.  The delivery guy that has that diesel trail, or the accountant that smells like old paper and a hair piece sprayed with cheap hair spray. The investor with the expensive after shave, or  the sales pro with the BO problem. The admin who moth balls all her clothes and can’t smell it, or the marketing web guy who is a chain smoker.  I bet you have one of each at your office.

So sit back and enjoy the sport and when you want it to make it stop, here’s a tip: get creative and make a tower of Odor absorbers, all those odors will be quickly gone and the odor absorbed .  Your office will feel odor free and you can breath again and stop playing game.  But more important right now, the games on… What odor are you ?

Commercial Air Fresheners, Industrial Odor Eliminators, Janitorial Supplies

Commercial and Industrial Odor Solutions have their own needs in larger spaces. Fridge It  does a great job for commercial odor programs with Naturally Activated charcoal odor absorbers.

Innofresh Products, Inc. offers a full range of commercial odor solution products and value-added service programs designed to improve the air quality of your food and beverage operations. It is chemical free, non-spill, non-toxic, unscented activated carbon technology is perfect for a variety of odor elimination applications including reach-in and walk-in coolers, display case refrigerated merchandisers and deli cases.

Odor solutions that are ideal for business and industry, hospital, college and hospitality food service as well as restaurants, café’s, snack shops for both front of the house merchandisers as well as back of the house commercial refrigeration units. Innofresh Products, Inc. can provide you with a customized solution to reduce cross odor contamination and improve your food storage and food display environments.

Contact their sales department and ask about our commercial applications. 602-866-0411

Commercial Air Fresheners, Industrial Odor Eliminators, Janitorial Supplies | Innofresh Products Inc..

TV : Food Detectives with Ted Allen : Food Network

Readers of my blog have asked how to see the episode on Food Network that talks about does baking soda do anything for keeping you refrigerator smelling clean.  It is in the episode called The 5- Second Rule and it is the section called:” Is the baking soda in my fridge doing anything? Ted Allen and his culinary sleuths set out to prove the answers to these questions, once and for all! ”

Yes  I did confrim that the product he showed  at the end of the segment for easy to use activated charcoal is Fridge It, the purple cube that he is holding up at the end of the segement.

  He said yes, in his test the activated charcoal does work better than baking soda and said if you don’t want to use a tray of charcoal use this.  Which was Fridge It, but he did not say it by name, just showed it.

Here is clip of the show I found on youtube


If you want to see it on TV, here is the times it airs.  Food Detectives
Episode OF0101



The 5-Second Rule
Can I really eat something off the floor if I pick it up in less than 5 seconds? How do I stop my mouth from burning after I’ve eaten spicy food? Is the baking soda in my fridge doing anything? Ted Allen and his culinary sleuths set out to prove the answers to these questions, once and for all! 



TV : Food Detectives with Ted Allen : The 5-Second Rule : Food Network.


Fridge it company contact www.fridgeit.com  or via email at: info@innofresh.com

ABC News, Good Morning America: Debunking Food Myths


This is a interesting report that proves my point about how good activated charcoal odor absorbers are like the purple cube, Fridge It.

ABC news reported on: Debunking Food Myths

Culinary Expert Ted Allen Gives You the Skinny on Food Fact and Fiction

Does baking soda really take away nasty refrigerator odors?
The Test: A food tech places his head into two refrigerators full of rotting, rancid food. One has a pound of baking soda and the other does not. He does his best to keep their heads in the refrigerators. The refrigerator that the food tech can keep his head in the longest is declared the winner.

The Result: Baking Soda does help with odors in your fridge, but activated charcoal works better. It works so well because it is extremely porous.

ABC News: Debunking Food Myths.

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Fridge It, yes sold in the US but also in England by Lakeland Limited
Fridge It in use

Fridge It in use

I have a new tip for those interested in Fridge It and not in the US and living in England.  FRIDGE IT odor absorbers have been sold there and a favorite for the British for years.   This product is sold and  highly recommended by Lakeland Limited and sold in their stores under there own label, but still called Fridge IT.  Also for those in England you can order on-line at www.lakelandlimited.com.


In the US it is sold at Sur la table, Camping World and US Military Commissaries as well as from many on line web sites listed on the links section of this blog on the left hand side or contact the manufacturer for locations near you at www.innofresh.com or email customerserivce@innofresh.com.  Innofresh Odor auto odor eliminator is sold at Checker auto, Schucks auto, Kragen Auto and Murry’s auto.

Fridge It passed the “Does it work test” at a TV station test


I got a lead from a reader of the blog to say had I seen the clip on You tube about Fridge IT. That a TV station had done their own test called- Does it work test on Fridge It.  That it was posted on You tube.  With some searching, yes!!!! there was a terrific piece that verified, what I have been blogging about. The station thought Fridge It did so well they gave it 4 stars on their – Does it work segment.

So click on the link below to check it out.



I asked the manufacture if you could still buy it at Walmart and they said Walmart carried it for over 12 years and it currently not, but they may have some in the kitchen section, so ask at the stores and they might bring it back if they get enough demand. 


If not,  contact via email at: orders@fridgeit.com , or web site  www.fridgeit.com ,  602-866-0411 and they can tell you where go get it.

Where to buy Fridge It Odor Absorber.

Fridge It
Fridge It

I have had readers of my blog ask where to buy Fridge It on line or how to find it at retailer. They ask abount Fridge It Activated Odor Absorber cube or flat wafer  www.fridgeit com and what does it look like.  It is a purple colored cube that removes the odors from RV’s refrigerators, freezers, diaper pails.  So it is not hard to miss on the shelf, about  2 inches by 2 inches.  Some just ask for the purple cube named Fridge It  odor absorber. There is also now a flat wafer version.

 I checked with the manufacturer and you can get it at retailers like Camping World, Sur La Table and US Military Commissaries or you can easily order on line at Fridgeit.com

They said if you cannot find it at retail, give the clerk the following UPC code to find it in their systems, Fridge It #  0 97359 01994 4, you can also call 602-866-0411 to customer service who can tell you where the closest store to you is, or if you will have to order by email at  fridgeitorders@innofresh.com or visit the web site www.fridgeit.com  

PS: Also they said the Innofresh auto odor eliminator is a flat wafer product sold under the Innofresh auto odor eliminator brand  www.innofresh.com   and is available at auto supply stores, such as  Checker auto, Schucks auto, Kragen auto and Murrys auto which can also be used for more than cars and auto odor.